ISDT 1966 – Sweden

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This year the  41st edition of the ISDT took place in Villingsberg, Sweden  August 30th to Sept 4th.

image - Front cover Programme 41st ISDT Villingsberg, Sweden 1966 (Courtesy Brian Catt)

image – Front cover Programme 41st ISDT Villingsberg, Sweden 1966 (Courtesy Brian Catt)

Speedtracktales wishes to thank Brian Catt for supplying a scanned copy of the 1966 programme which we will make available shortly

Photo of cover of official programme of 41st ISDT 1956

Photo of Poster for ISDT 1966

Arthur Williams is to blame for digging up data for this page!, ‘worth it though!, I shall gradually build the tale of the event in with anecdotes & info.
22 Teams of 4 in the Vase events from 13 countries, plus 36 x 3 rider manufacturer Teams.
Brit Trophy Team had 5 on Triumphs & one on BSA. Veteran Frank Carey could not start his 125 Suzuki in the permitted hour & became a non Starter. 11 Special Tests awaited competitors 149 of 287 starters obtained Gold Medals, of 58 others, 34 took Silver, the rest Bronze..   Karlskaga to Orebro Artillery Training Ground was being largely used & 2nd day had 90 miles south of Villingsberg to cover. 22 retired on Day ONE!. East Germany took the Trophy & West Germany the Silver Vase.

Photo of event enamel badge for ISDT 1966

This Badge & above poster gently stored & unearthed by Brian Catt for us, many thanks Brian.

Photo of Pat Slinn’s beloved BSA ISDT 1966

Pat Slinn’s would love to get it back or at least find where it is, DVLA know where the number is registered from now, however cannot tell Pat, so please CAN ANYONE LET US KNOW???

Photo of British Trophy Team in regulation Barbour International jackets L-R Ray Sayer, Ken Heanes, Ray Peplow, Sammy Miller, Johnny Giles, and Arthur Lampkin with his BSA at ISDT 1966

Brian Catt came up with info which would escape a great many of us, at least it is now recorded here.  BSA & Triumph’s joint efforts were shown at a pre ISDT meeting Triumphs wore BSA Victor forks, Triumph frames & motors with low-level right side siamesed exhaust pipes.  BSA? were BSA except for Triumph engines with High level left side siamesed exhaust pipes. Triumph frames gave more ground clearance than BSA plus riders wanted greater access space to deal with the carburetor than high pipes allowed.
Manufacturers moaned about the small GB plates

Photo of Britain’s Vase A team has Gordon Farley (Triumph), Arthur Lampkin (BSA) Peter Stirland, and John Lewis ISDT 1966

whew!, well spotted by Brian Catt & thanks for otherwise lost accuracy. Arthur Lampkin is of course a member of an impressive off-road dynasty from Yorkshire.

Photo of One of the works Greeves set up with Tyrenfire system too [KOO 927]

 a well-known machine

Photo of Harry Heward who lived near the Greeves factory on a works machine at the Welsh 3 Day Trial event

Photo of Laurie Hampton’s own ex works Greeves [6 LHK]

A beauty to own with that sort of registration number too!.

Photo of Pat Slinn here at the Team selection Trial at Bordon on that 175 Bantam Prototype ISDT machine.

Photo of #152 Pat Slinn who rode to a Gold Medal here in Sweden on a 420 Victor BSA machine, note Barbour suit worn not jerkin here with Union Jack on front of helmet at ISDT 1966

Photo of Pat Slinn on his BSA Victor 420cc at ISDT 1966

Photo of 600cc BMWs with #109 West Germany’s H Schutze & #110 B Rindar of Sweden at ISDT 1966

Photo of #111 Ken Heanes again Trophy Rider at ISDT 1966

Photo of #133 P Suckling Brit Privateer on an Ariel [YKL 327], however with BSA engine in ISDT 1966

Photo with a better view in a far worse situation of that #133 P. Suckling machine which looks to have Norton Roadholder forks as well!

Photo from the collection of Brian Catt, a long-term ISDT enthusiast.

Photo of #246 P Chicheka 125 CZ goes onto Coutry section from Road at ISDT 1966.

Photo of USA rider #269 P Hochderffer 100 Hercules at ISDT 1966

USA were one of the Teams which could not get their bikes there on time (non arrivals!!) & he was provided with a 100 HERCULES, to get him to a Silver medal. – Check out ‘Where are they now?’ feature below for a recent photo of this bike.

Photo of Polish Vase rider, Jan Orzepowski 175 MZ crossing a slippery wood bridge in ISDT 1966

Photo of British Vase man #130 John Lewis emerging from a Special Test on AJS in ISDT 1966

Photo of British Vase rider #30 Bill Wilkinson Greeves 250 in ISDT 1966.  Day 3 had 92 miles of Rain.

Photo of Jock Wilson Triumph at Kulma Slagtip where most spectators were noted to gather!, probably for spills!. Jock later on the British Team Manager was the best British Privateer in ISDT 1966.

Photo of #259 Heino Büse of the WG Panzer Trappen Schule Team on a factory Hercules K 100 GS at ISDT 1966

Thanks to Leo Keller we can identify Heino Büse of the WG Panzer Trappen Schule Team (Army School for Tank Forces Munsterlager), he rode with team-mate Burchard Lenz both on Hercules K 100 GS Factory machines along with Ruprecht Lamers on a Zündapp 100cc, they won the Club award, presented with their Cup by a Russian Admiral, ALL IN THE MIDDLE OF A COLD WAR only these plus Swedish Army & British Army Clubs were against 27 Civilian Clubs.

Photo of #194 Y Ekeburg here on 125 Husqvarna leaving a checkpoint ISDT 1966

Swedish Army managed Special tests & Control points & check points.

Photo of #17 Hans Weber, East German Trophy Team man on 250cc MZ ISDT 1966

Photo of East Germany Trophy teamster #165 K Wagner 300cc MZ on 4th Day Special Test ISDT 1966

Day 4 had slower speed schedule after night rain.  Sweden lead turned to a loss when Torsten Anderson’s Husqvarna packed in, he had repaired a leaking tank on the second day.   Day 4 used the 1st day course in reverse direction.

Photo of #235 L Muller on the 5th Day Hill Climb on his Hercules 125 in ISDT 1966

Photo of Ray Sayer on 350cc Triumph on 5th day at Kulma Slag heaps at ISDT 1966

Day 5 had the 2nd day course in reverse direction 217 Starters.

Photo of #75 Brian Bonny on a 250cc Butler in ISDT 1966. Riding for the Civil Service Club had been on zero penalties until finally the Chain adjusters gave out

6th Day had a 72 miles ride to a 3km winding but flat Karlskeger circuit.  Tweesman on BMW went out plus lofty Tony Jones who hit a branch & broke the crankcase of his Matchless.   Mick Andrews AJS Crankcase plug came out & all Gold hope was lost.  Brian Messenger on Greeves had troubles which saw him miss Gold by seconds, (Greeves always blamed plugs if anything went wrong!!)   Sonny Absolom of Southend Club could only get 11 out of the 13 required laps in on his 175 Triumph & he lost Gold.


Photo of German Army team in Barbour Jackets talking to Swedish Officer. On the left is Heino Büse ISDT 1966


Photo of Büse on his Maico 125 at an FIM World / European Championship round (Courtesy Metzeler)

From the Metzeler 2013 Classic Calendar – Captioned: “A regular in the German army, Heino Büse, born in 1944, is riding hard on his 125cc Maico. In the seventies, the highly talented rider should rise to be one of the most successful German off-road competitors. Büse went on to win a dozen national championships, two European titles and collected another dozen gold medals in ISDT events.

Photo of #116 A J Lampkin’s BSA not Triumph framed beast [GOB 657 D]

Here is a pic thanks to Brian Catt in 66 Showing one of the Overbored Twins used in the 750 Class, where he is working on the ignition layout, the OIL IN TANK type frame, you can see the filler cap to the left of his hand in the ignition recess, note the left side air filter, BSA QD wheels used for ease. For more details on this bike see the ‘where are they now’ feature at the end of this page.

The Final Score: Results

Speedtracktales wishes to thank Marc Pétrier of FIM Information Resources who has facilitated the scanning of the FIM archive of ISDT results material and is allowing us to make it available here as a public service. Download a copy of the original Results and Stewards Report at the link below.

Download this file as a pdf

Download Stewards Report for the 1966 ISDT here

Image of scanned magazine results ISDT 1966

Image of scanned magazine results ISDT 1966

Image of scanned magazine results ISDT 1966

Image of scanned magazine results ISDT 1966

Image of scanned magazine results ISDT 1966

Image of scanned magazine results ISDT 1966

Artefacts and Collectibles.

Enamel Lapel badge of ISDT 1966

This Badge was unearthed by Brian Catt for us, many thanks Brian.

Where are they now?

I am very grateful to STT reader Mark Reul who has sent me this photo of the 100cc Hercules of American rider Charles Hochderfer in it’s actual condition as found and purchased by an Italian collector.

Photo Charles Hochderfer's 100cc Hercules as it is today ISDT 1966

Photo Charles Hochderfer’s 100cc Hercules as it is today ISDT 1966

Restored – Arthur Lampkins ISDT 1966 TriBSA (image courtesy of Mortons)

This bike was recovered and restored and here with an interesting article, the Classic Bikers Club web site describes both the bike and the turmoil the British Bike industry was getting into during the mid 60’s which had an impact on the British performance and interest in the ISDT which had ceased to be a race of modified road going bikes into an event for specialist off road machinery which the British Manufacturers were not so keen to produce.

We are currently creating content for this section. In order to be able to keep up with our high standards of service, we need a little more time. Please stop by again. Thank you for your interest!

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  1. Brian CATT said:

    The pic of the Greeves in the shed at Bordon is my pic, but it needs to be placed a bit later in history….can’t remember exactly when, but probably 1968.

    • iPø∂i$†å said:

      Brian thank you very much for coming by to the new site, your help in setting the original site up was invaluable and I have made amendments to the Greeves image replacing it in the report on the 1968 ISDT. Please come back with more of your recollections and memories when you are able.

  2. Ronald van Vlierberghe said:


    My compliments for this very nice site!!

    I have a 1964 AJS Works ISDT. For this bike I’m looking for all sort of info, pictures or other documentation..

    My AJS is restored about 25 years ago but they didn’t do it well..
    That’s why I’m looking for all sorts of info about this type of AJS..

    Thanks in advance for reading this and maybe we will find some info..

    Regards, Ronald (the Netherlands)

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