ISDT 1963 – Czechoslovakia

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The ISDT of 1963 took place in Jilemnice, Czechoslovakia now the Czech Republic

Photo of winning East German Trophy Team #86 Werner Salewsky MZ 250 #186 Peter Uhlig MZ 175 #279 Bernd Uhlman MZ 350 #174 Horst Lohr MZ 175 #98 Hans Weber MZ 250 #286 Günter Baumann. ISDT 1963

The little Czech town of Jilemnice saw only 3 of 24 National Teams emerge with ‘Cleans’ & East Germany MZ Machinery cleaned up the Trophy Cupboard.   Each and every ISDT event had the extra efforts made by some Competitors & this 1963 event was no different, ‘on the Wednesday the rectangular town prepared to close the day’s competition when the scream of a 300cc 2 stroke MZ on the limit rose to attract all & Bernd Uhlman flew into the timer’s sight at the arrival square & dashed his card into the time clock with roughly one second to spare.   Sufficient to avoid any penalty after being delayed repairing a puncture.

Photo - #264 Frantisek Hoffer Jawa 350 of the Czech Trophy Team gets fuel ISDT 1963

Photo – #264 Frantisek Hoffer Jawa 350 of the Czech Trophy Team gets fuel ISDT 1963

Photo - #195 Frantisek Darebny ISDT 1963

Photo – #195 Frantisek Darebny ISDT 1963

Photo - #195 Frantisek Darebny ISDT 1963

Photo – #195 Frantisek Darebny ISDT 1963

Photo #239 Ken Heanes on his Triumph Twin ISDT 1963

Britain’s riders & machinery now long on in time after winning the Trophy in 1953 & the Silver Vase 3 years prior to that, development in the commercial capitalist markets pursued from UK seemed reluctant to advance.

Photo of #229 CZ

The above image was credited by Taff  as the Jawa Ad after the event withAustrian Vase teamster Johann Sommerauer Jawa, The results for the 1963 event and those for 5 years either side would not suggest this number was used on a Jawa although the Austrians did ride Jawa that year to 2nd in the vase the winning International Tophy was won by East Germany on MZs. The photo comes from an advert by Jawa from an undated US Advert. This is probably #229 Otaker Chasak on a CZ in the ISDT 1962 in Austria

Johann Sommerauer riding as #119 lost 20 points on time with machinery troubles, otherwise his team remained intact, laying second to an unpenalized Italian Team.  Britain’s ‘A’ Team had lost Fletcher & was down to 3rd by Friday evening.   Triumph Trio Ken Heanes, Johnny Giles & Roy Peplow had remained intact from Monday onwards.  Czech course planners had the course through Spindleruv Mlyn area where slippery rocky tracks abounded.   Sammy Miller even compared long climbing sections to Mare’s Ridge types.

Photo of #293 Arthur Lampkin 343 BSA ISDT 19163

Arthur tries out here a Red Star marked Helmet used by USSR rider Gengij Krjucenko.

Brits had come to admire the quiet light efficient MZs Bernd Uhlman 300 cc & fellow East German teamsters Werner Salewsky & Peter Uhlig used 250 7 175 versions & cruised to their Trophy win.  Immaculate turned out machines as usual by the Italians on Moto Guzzis whilst the oversize Czech 358cc machine ridden by Vladimir Stepan impressed all with bottom end sheer power.   When the actual number plus makes of British retirements is read thru, it shows how the development of BSA, others & Villiers had largely been visual and down to cost with minimal expenditure profit levels the aim rather than performance.   You do not compete in World Markets like that, Brits have always thought they could develop and produce fine things until competitors are underestimated..

Photo of #127 Mary Driver Greeves 250 ISDT 1963

The only Lady rider entrant was British Mary Driver who clung on to emerge with a Bronze on her Greeves.

Photo of #259 Vladimir Darvin IZ 350 USSR with #260 Tony Sharp Jawa 350 of Britain

Soviet man Vladimir Darvin on Wednesday gets past fallen Tony Sharp of the Barrow Club.

Photo – #245 Johnny Giles Triumph 490 British Trophy Team followed by #247 Sammy Miller Ariel 500 British Silver Vase ‘A’ team. ISDT 1963

Although the GB Trophy team did not have a good ISDT this year the Vase ‘A’ team were third.

6th Day Mileage had reached 974 total, including Speed tests on a triangular 4.6 lap nr. Jilmenice, even riding to the Speed Circuit claimed Scott Ellis on his Triumph with a defunct gearbox & Bob Sharp (CZ)with a holed piston.   A tough Trial where 111 retired from the 280 starters, Golds won by 102, Silver by 40 & Bronze by 27.

image – Vase team results for Monday ISDT 1963

image – Vase team results for Tuesday & Wednesday ISDT 1963

image – Vase team results for Thursday & Friday ISDT 1963

image – results for Manufacturers team Prize ISDT 1963

image – Final Vase team and individual British entrant award results ISDT 1963

image – International Trophy team final results ISDT 1963

This item turned up in an auction of 150 photos and negatives taken in the event by famous German Motorsport Photographer Ulrich Schrabb of Stuttgart at a UK auction 2011. They are listed as having not sold but having contacted the Auctioneers it appears they were subsequently sold in private. If any one knows about this collection please let us know.

At the Movies:

In addition to the press articles and pictures we have a few video clips of this event here also for other events for you to enjoy on our video gallery.


The Final Score: Results

Speedtracktales wishes to thank Marc Pétrier of FIM Information Resources who has facilitated the scanning of the FIM archive of ISDT results material and is allowing us to make it available here as a public service. Download a copy of the original Results and Stewards Report at the link below.

Download this file as a pdf

Download Stewards Report for the 1963 ISDT here

Artifacts and Collectibles

Photo of Souvenir Pin Badge of the 38th ISDT 1963 Czechoslovakia (courtesy of eBay)

Photo of Lapel Badge ISDT 1963

Brian Catt’s 1963 souvenir Badge!

The below Silver Medal for this event was found on an eBay auction in March 2013

Silver Medal (front) of V Nedvidek ISDT 1963

Silver Medal (front) of V Nedvidek ISDT 1963

Silver Medal (rear) of V Nedvidek ISDT 1963

Silver Medal (rear) of V Nedvidek ISDT 1963

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12 thoughts on “ISDT 1963 – Czechoslovakia”

  1. Charlie said:

    I find it interesting that no one had a photo of Bud Ekins. This was the year he left during the filming of the Great Escape to go to Czechoslovakia for the ISDT.

  2. I wish I did mate. I have had correspondence with his brother Dave though and could ask if he has any. Will let you know.

    • iPø∂i$†å said:

      Thanks that would be good. It is appears, from their web site, they still manage Bud as a kind of brand so I am reluctant, without their agreement, to publish material which may be unauthorised use in their view and be asked to remove it.

  3. Greeves Rider said:

    Triss Sharp’s 1963 works ISDT Greeves 455 JOO
    A photo of this bike has appeared on the Flickr photo hosting site taken at a classic vehicle show (Vehikel) in Holland in 2012 (photo by Nicholas Verhoeven
    According to the registration number 455 JOO its Triss Sharp’s 1963 ISDT works bike, but the riding number’s wrong. In the 1963 ISDT Triss Sharp’s number was 129. He was in the GB Vase B Team. He retired with a seized big end on the first day.
    None of the Greeves riders in the 1963 event carried number 34.
    So why is this bike now showing No 34, & who owns it now? Is it the genuine 455 JOO?

    • John Wakefield said:

      I have recently been informed that 455 JOO is owned by Rob Selling, presumably a relation of Fritz Selling who rode a similar bike 457 JOO in the 1963 ISDT. The previous owner Rien Buitendyick acquired 455 JOO from Triss Sharp some years ago. Still does not explain the riding No 34 though.

  4. Re Bud Ekins leaving the filming of “The Great Escape” to compete in the ISDT, it was actually the year before, 1962 when this happened & the ISDT venue was Garmisch-Partenkirchen, not far from the location of the filming location at Fussen, still in Southern Germany. Bud asked me to go with him to the filming as he needed a more skilled rider to help with stunts. As well the local people had provided authentic bikes from the era of the actual escape, they were only 125cc hand gear change 2 strokes (DKW by memory) which were quite unsuitable for doing the stunts seen in the actual film. So they painted my factory Matchless 500cc MX bike in military khaki fitted lights & carrier to make it look sort of authentic & did the same with a couple of 650 Triumph Bonnevilles they bought in from a German dealer. Of course the rest is history!

    • Rubbish I have pictures of bud sat on he’s bike
      Number 240 ! & the bike that jumped the wall
      Was built by my stepdad MR isdt Ken Heanes
      A British dealer!

      • Yes it was definitely 1962 when Bud rode that ISDT at Garmisch-Partenkirchen, as I rode there also. While There Bud asked me to go to the filming venue at Fussen to help with motorcycle stunts. Here’s a note from my diary >>
        Sept 16, 1962 > 22 : ISDT, Garmisch-Partenkerchen, Southern Germany. Diary Comment : British Trophy team 2nd overall (Tim in this team) Gold Medal #5 for Tim.
        The film : “The Great Escape” :
        During the 1962 ISDT Bud Ekins asked if I’d go to a film set to help him with some motorcycle stunts in a film being made not far away. I had absolutely no knowledge of films, film stars, or anything to do with the industry.
        Having met a few “would be’s” & “Wannabees” film stars around Hollywood & Southern California during my sojourns in USA racing, 1959/60/61 during the quiet European winters, films & stars didn’t impress me at all & were just not in my lifestyle.

        So doing this job was mainly to work with Bud who had his wife Betty with him, while I had my wife Joan with me. Joan was equally ignorant about films & stars as me, so this opportunity to mingle with the stars meant nothing to us! I took a bit of 8mm film with Bud & Betty as we looked about the area & a bit of the film where we were involved.

  5. I have pictures of bud on he’s bike taken by
    Ken Heanes

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