ISDT 1924 – Belgium

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Introduction 6th ISDT 1924 – Belgium

The ISDT of 1924 started at Chaudfontaine in Belgium, covered much of the country and passed into Luxembourg and Holland.

More details welcome

Ace ISDT sleuth “STB” who deserves a gold medal for the stuff he keeps digging up on the Ancient ISDT’s has done some blindingly good digging to pick up some articles from the Belgian Sports Paper ‘La Meuse’ with reports not only on the Liege Baston Liege famous cycle race but thankfully the ISDT. Although the articles are in French I am struggling to get them translated so if any francophiles here can help break this archive open contact me for copies of the material.

British riders RC Charlesworth Zenith 976 sidecar, Bert Kershaw B&S Omega 348, Clifford Wilson Sunbeam 499 and GS Arter James 496 in the ISDT 1924

No Name Nation Marque
1 Jarobus Achteiem Holland Saroléa
2 Owen Bridcut England Dunelt sc
3 Réne Conod Belgium 499 Saroléa
4 Gustav Göthe Sweden Husko Varna
5 Huynen Jean Belgium 348 FN
6  Hoye Bieze Holland 989 Harley Davidson
7 Bourke Bernard England New Hudson
8 Frank Warrin England AJS sc
9 Bert Kershaw England 348 B&S Oméga
10 Giles Vaumund Norway 499 Triumph
11 Williem Deurvorst Holland 989 Harley Davidson
12 Johan Juberget Norway 989 Harley Davidson
13 Ausereca Belgium PA
14 Clifford Wilson England 499 Sunbeam
15 Johanes Alberius Holland Harley Davidson
16 Conraad Holland Saroléa
17 Hendricus Vandersluys Holland Raleigh
18 Bonnivert Albert Belgium Saroléa
19 Muller Pierre Belgium Velocette
20 Lamberta Paul Holland Saroléa
21 Graff Olaff Norway 550 Husqvarna
22 Munse Lucas Holland Imperial
23 Flinterman Martin Holland 499 Saroléa
24 De Grady Alphonse Belgium 348 FN
25 Vidal Robert Belgium 499 Saroléa
26 Koboeck Edgard Belgium Phenimoore
27 Nuit et Jour Belgium 348 Rush Blackburn
28 Stobbart Georges Belgium 499 Saroléa
29 Gerald Selby Arter England 499 James
30 Georges Telesphore Belgium 348 FN
31 RC Charlesworth England 976 Zenith sc

What the papers said!

Three Issues of ‘the Motor Cycle‘ presented reports on the event, the image posted below is a pre event pre-review of the 14th Aug 1924.

Photo of scanned image of 'the Motor Cycle' ISDT 1924

Photo of scanned page from ‘the Motor Cycle’ 14th August 1924 discussing the forthcoming ISDT 1924

You can read the text of ‘the Motor Cycle‘ article of 21st Aug on the ISDT 1924 at our library

Image of scanned article from English Language paper with results of ISDT 1924

Cover page of La Meuse of 10 – 11 August 1924

Image of Extract of article from above front page… any help translating this would be welcome.

Image of scanned report from La Meuse 12 Aug 1924 on the ISDT 1924

Image of scanned press report of the Second day in La Meuse 13 August 1924 of ISDT

Image of scanned article on the third day from La Meuse 14 August 1924 on ISDT 1924

Image of scanned news report in La Meuse 16 August 1924

Image of scanned article from ‘the Motor Cycle‘ with results of ISDT 1924

Related Features

We reproduce a report of the Sale and District MCC Hill Cup Trial a reliability Trial based in North Wales using routes that were introduced to the ISDT in 1933 read more here

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