ISDT 1970 – Spain

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This year the 45th ISDT took place 5th – 10th October 1970 and was based at San Lorenzo de Escorial and mountain town to the North of Madrid, Spain.

Photo – #83 Toni Stockmeier to the right of his 5 Speed Sachs machine at the Scrutineer tent. ISDT 1970

Photo of Team Penton – Tom, Jeff & Jack Penton from USA ISDT 1970

ID came from Beppe Bonardi with thanks. Tom, Jeff & Jack Penton, some greats in developments & ISDT plus other competitions too. Thanks to Jim Hollander of USA for helping us to identify that is what the Guest book is for.


On the Map!

Photo of Radio plan of the course. (Courtesy of Brian Catt) ISDT 1970

Photo of #198 Mick Andrews on his 250 OSSA on Staircase Courtesy of Brian Catt) ISDT 1970

Here from Brian Catt’s collection is a much needed one of Mick Andrews on his 250 OSSA on Staircase which only looked easy!.

A Kind & helpful Message follows from SERAFIN who helped us identify“Staircase”. :  By the way, we will ride that section today at 21 hours in the evening. We do it only one time a year, in the summer when the temperatures go down. Today is the day I do not believe they could go up over there with those bikes, they were supermen. It is 2 km of rocks like basketballs going up, corners, more rocks, 1 meter step, 200 meters of more rocks etc. In the half distance there is one big rock section inclined 30-45 degrees across the path you have to pass it with the right momentum, if not you will slide to the right 1 meter fall. If it is wet, forget to go there.

Only I believe they were there because the photos.:- SERAFIN.

Photo of (Left to Right) #20 John Pease,  #50 Malcolm Rathmell, #30 Colin Dommett, #? Ken Heanes, #60 Ray Sayer? #?Johnny Giles. (Courtesy of Brian Catt)

The above numbers do not tally with the results sheet and these photos may have been taken at a test  / qualifier event.

Photo of bewhiskered big brother David Catt assisting Ken Heanes, those Triumphs were superbly set up, I’m jealous (Courtesy of Brian Catt) ISDT 1970

Photo of Mick Wilkinson at the preparatory run for  machines in Berkshire.

Photo of #153 Scott Ellis on 175cc Puch on ‘the Staircase’

Scott Ellis, originally entered on aq 175 Greeves, this he rode however was a 175 Puch.  a machine he rode in several Welsh 2 Days events.

Photo of #344 Jim Sandiford 504 Cheney Triumph at speed on the loose going ISDT 1970 (Courtesy Brian Catt)

Brilliant pics from Brian Catt without which we could not even have added the 1970 ISDT, I do like Triumphs anyway!

For more info on this bike see the feature in our Folks ‘n Motors sections. This bike was sent to auction in 2010 and more pictures and details can be found here

Photo of #177 W I (Ivor) Smart of Wrexham also on Staircase using 250 Husqvarna which has some on route repairs evidence to torque Arm plus damage to the front end!! (see footnote)

Photo of Trophy Man, #344 Jim Sandiford stopped in a secret check ahead of British Vase A rider  #320 George Webb’s 441 BSA ISDT 1970

Photo of #237 Brian Messenger of Pinner, Husqvarna 250 soon to meet with Brian Catt re Greeves  & ISDT history. ISDT 1970

Photo of Harry Heward of Benfleet on a 125 PUCH, a long time Greeves Rider who lived near the factory. ISDT 1970

Photo of #203 an East German MZ rider 1970 ISDT awaiting identity.

Photo of #248 Rudi Marczi on Bultaco 250cc at ISDT 1970

Photo of #248 Rudi Marczi on Bultaco 250cc making a splash at the ISDT 1970

Rudi Marczi went on to win a Bronze Medal and is seen riding on of the 4 works Bultaco 250cc’s built especially for the ISDT in El Escorial Spain and the Canadian ISDT team

Trophy winners in 1970 ISDT, Czech Team Josef Fojtik, Jaroslav Briza, Kvetoslav Masita, Zdenek Cespiva, Frantisek Mrazek, Petr Cemus, Czechoslovakia is also listed as winning the Silver Vase

Photo – British Cheney Triumphs after the speed trial at the Jarama motor circuit. ISDT 1970

After the Speed Trial at the twisting Jarama Circuit L to R  all listed in the programme to be on Triumphs not Cheney Triumphs, Mick Wilkinson 504cc, Jim Sandiford 504cc next, thought to be Malcolm Rathmell listed as 400cc in Programme, probably 490? his bike not in pic, then Ken Heanes 504cc John Pease (prog. says 501cc) probably 504cc next is thought to be Colin Dommett who rode the spare machine listed as 400 as per Rathmell’s machine.   Great stuff from Brian Catt.

What did the Papers Say!

Not much right now but we are always happy to beg for gifts of scans of copies of foreign language magazine reports on the ISDT , translated even better.

image - cover Das Motorrad #21 17 Oct 1970 with opening report ISDT 1970

image – cover Das Motorrad #21 17 Oct 1970 with opening report ISDT 1970

The Final Score: Results

Speedtracktales wishes to thank Marc Pétrier of FIM Information Resources who has facilitated the scanning of the FIM archive of ISDT results material and is allowing us to make it available here as a public service. Download a copy of the original Results and Stewards Report at the link below.

Download this file as a pdf

Download Stewards Report for the 1970 ISDT here

Artifacts and Collectables

Photo of road marking swag collected after the event ISDT 1970 (Courtesy of Brian Catt)

Photo - US Team bag ISDT 1970

Photo – US Team bag ISDT 1970

The following images are extracts of the supplementary regs for the event which were discovered in this eBay auction April 2013

image - cover of Supplementary Regulations ISDT 1970

image – cover of Supplementary Regulations ISDT 1970


Image Supplementary Regulations ISDT 1970


Image Supplementary Regulations ISDT 1970


Image Supplementary Regulations ISDT 1970

Where are they now?

Just found this on the trials central web site, am trying to contact the poster to see if he has more details on this interesting bike ridden originally by a near neighbour and great friend of mine sadly now departed:

I have just aquired a 1970 Bultaco Matador prototype mk4 sd, one of 25 built for the ISDT in el Escorial in Spain in 1970 , this bike was ridden by a belgian called Jean crossett . It was then bought from fx Bulto himself by W I (Ivor) Smart of Wrexham after he followed it in the 1970 event in El Escorial. Ivor then rode it in the 1971 event in the Isle of Man winning a gold medal in the process, he rode it in a few events afterwards and then stored it for 30 odd years. I saw this bike when I went to look at another Bultaco never thinking i would get the chance to buy it, unfortunatly Ivor died a couple of years ago and the bike passed to one of his sons who kept it for a while and then decided to sell. It realy is in very original condition with its scrutineering marks from not only it’s IOM outing but also its 1970 debut in Spain. I would realy be very grateful if any body has or knows where i can get fotos of either event showing the Bultaco 1970 #226 1971 #154, Thanks in advance Pat Kean

22 thoughts on “ISDT 1970 – Spain”

  1. Brian CATT said:

    ISDT/1970 Rider 203. Polish Trophy Team Rider Zbigniew RUTKOWSKI, finished with 3 marks lost, so presumably a Silver Medal. Info from “ISDT 1970” Book by Javier Benito.

    • Rick Guilmette said:

      Hi Brian
      My name is Rick Guilmette and I live in Canada.
      I too have acquired and restored one of the four works Bultaco Matador’s
      that was ridden in Spain in 1970, by members of the Canadian team.
      The scrutineers markings are still visible on the flywheel with the #178 that was the number of Ray Boasman. Pictured on this website is #248 Rudi Marczi who was riding the sister bike of the one I have.
      I would be very interested in any photo’s or info you may have regarding these machines.
      Thank you

  2. Brian Catt said:

    As many people know, a huge book on this event has been compiled and published and I am proud to have had over 30 of my pics published in it. Now the bad news…it’s written in Spanish and is quite expensive, but it really is a work of art. There are one or two small mistakes, no doubt due to following the programme rather than seeing what actually happened. The caption for Scott Ellis’s Puch being a prime example.
    See or talk to me and I might let you see my copy!

    • iPø∂i$†å said:

      I would love to see a copy its on my list of things to buy once i get all the old motor cycles and motor cycling for the ISDT events

  3. Brian Catt said:

    If not before.I’ll be in Carlisle. Where are you based?

    • iPø∂i$†å said:

      About 100 yards off the most northerly part of the 1938 ISDT route in North East Wales.. hope to get to Carlisle for at least a day

  4. juan carvajal said:

    The photo that appears the British Cheney Triumphs after the speed trial, not for the Jerez circuit but at the Jarama in Madrid.

  5. Jerez circuit was founded in 1985, the photo taken after the speed trial is, obviously, at the Jarama Circuit, Madrid. Jackie Ickx and Jack Olivier had an accident there few months before this photo was taken, during the f1 race.

  6. Photo of #203 is not a german rider, is the polish rider Zbigniew Rutkowski with an MZ ETS 250, but don´t ask me about him, i found it, casually, on the stewards official report.
    Best regards

  7. The correct text for the photo of the British team is:

    – Photo of the British Cheney Triumphs after the speed trial at the Jarama motor circuit ISDT 1970.

    Best regards.

    • my stupid mistake not spotting that I’ve flown over Jarama enough flying into Madrid and seen Jerez on the way to Cadiz to be able to tell the difference

    • Mick wilkinson said:

      Team pic practise L toR pease rathmell wilkinson. Domett. Heans. Sandiford jiles. Wilkinson sandiford rathmell Heans jiles pease pic at speed test

  8. You done a great job. It is normal for small errors found.
    In the following sentence to the photo also said Jerez: “After the Speed ​​Trial at the Jerez Circuit L2R twisting to be listed on all Triumphs not Cheney”
    Thank you and best regards from Madrid.

    • Brian Catt said:

      I’m not sure I understand the last comment about “Triumphs,
      not Cheneys”. All the bikes are Triumph powered Cheney machines but
      the Official programme seems to ignore the Cheney element, merely
      listing the bikes as Triumph.


  9. Brian Catt said:

    Rick, best contact me direct on There were 32 Bultacos in the event many being Matadors.

  10. Great event . I was lucky to be given an Ossa by SACU and Ossa factory which helped me win my first Gold as a member of the British Vase Team.

  11. Thomas McGeachin said:

    Wow….Great site. My Dad was the USA team manager in 1970. Tom McGeachin

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