The International Classic MotorCycle Show: The Spring Stafford Sale 2023

The International Classic Motorcycle Show is one of the most anticipated events in the motorcycle enthusiast calendar, and the 2023 Spring Stafford Sale Auction promises to be an exceptional showcase of vintage motorcycles. This event attracts collectors, enthusiasts, and admirers from all over the world to witness and bid on some of the most iconic motorcycles of all time.

This year’s auction features bikes of particularly special interest to this site – bikes from the era of the International Six Days Trial. This is an endurance event for motorcycles that has been held annually since 1913, and it has become an essential part of motorcycle culture. Some of the rarest and most sought-after motorcycles from this era will be on display and available for purchase.

The Spring Stafford Sale Auction is an unparalleled opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to acquire some of the most significant motorcycles ever produced. Whether you are looking to add to your collection or simply admire the rich history and artistry of these machines, the International Classic Motorcycle Show has something for everyone.

Of particular interest in the Auction are the following bikes:

1949 Norton 490cc Trials Motorcycle (Project) ex-Works ISDT 1949 – Wales ( Jack Blackwell, Francis Beart)

Motorcyclists splashing through water

Image taken of Jack Blackwell ISDT 1949 in Wales ‘Vase B Team’
1949 Norton 490cc Trials Motorcycle Project
Registration no. JOV 758
Frame no. 24835
Engine no. C4 18573CT

More information on the Auction item here

Our feature on the 1949 ISDT

Ex Jim Alves, ISDT 1951 Italy – Gold Medal winning, 1951 Triumph Trophy T5 LNX361

1951 Triumph Trophy 500cc ex Jim Alves Works 1951 ISDT

Ex-Jim Alves, ISDT Gold Medal Winning
1951 Triumph 500cc Trophy
Registration no. LNX 361
Frame no. 9806 NA
Engine no. TR5 17479 NA

More information on the auction item here

Our feature on the ISDT 1951 includes a photo of this bike at the Bristol Classic Bike show in 2005

Also there are a number of pages and articles in site featuring legend of the ISDT – Jim Alves including this

1956 AJS Model 16C ex-works (Gordon Mclaughlan)

Classic off-road motorcycle parked in a snowy scene

Ex-works, ‘all alloy’, Gordon Mclaughlan
1956 AJS Model 16C ISDT
Registration no. UXG 449 Frame no. 6897C
Engine no. 56 16C 6897C

More information on the auction item here

1957 AJS 348cc 16MCS

studio photo of motorcycle

1957 AJS 348cc 16MCS
Registration no. 32 HKK
Frame no. 7374C
Engine no. 57/16M 1918C S
courtesy Bonhams

More information on the auction item here

The machine was ridden by Michael Waller in the 1960 ISDT – Austria. Our feature on this event

Images of Michael Waller with the bike can be found on a page of images of the 1960 ISDT by famous Austrian motorsports photographer Erwin Jelinek

Ex Arthur Lampkin ISDT 1966 Sweden Gold Medal winning ex works 1966 BSA – Triumph 490cc Enduro

off-road motorcycle in studio

Ex-works, Arthur Lampkin,
1966 ISDT
1966 BSA-Triumph 490cc Enduro
Registration no. GOB 657D
Frame no. T100C 45500
Engine no. H44954
Courtesy Bonhams

More information on the auction can be found here

1966 Suzuki 79cc K11T works

Photo of off-road motorbike standing by garage door

1966 Suzuki 79cc K11T Works
Registration no. GOF 540D
Frame no. 188565
Engine no. 183216
Courtesy Bonhams

More information on the auction here

This early example of the arrival of the Japanese manufacturers into Enduro was probably ridden in the 1966 ISDT by Olga Kevelos according to a past owner of the bike Arthur Lampkin

Our feature on the ISDT 1966

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