Herr Scholte’s Album of 1937

Image of scanned letter from BMW factory congratulating Herr Scholte on his Gold Medal Award as the ISDT 1937 (Courtesy of Giles Weait)

A different era, a different time, for all, Giles Weait of Bristol has allowed us to go thru Herr Scholte’s 1937 ISDT Album, which we must do with the utmost respect, we can witness a complete, long past expedition coverage. on this Page of the Website (Copyright Applies to all Images).

Image of scanned BMW document ISDT 1937

Photo at Bremerhaven where Steamship Columbus embarks the riders, officials & machines ISDT 1937

Photo of Steamship Columbus, Germany ISDT 1937

Photo of Herr Scholte's BMW Sidecar outfit being loaded on Steamship Columbus ISDT 1937

Photo of the siren of Columbus blowing, the vessel gets underway


Photo of lady rider Frau Ilse Thouret entertaining travellers on way to ISDT 1937

Columbus underway. A great deal more in picture & text shall follow on to this fine picture from the beginning of an expedition.

Photo of Columbus Band as it enters into the spirit of things

Photo of arrival in Southampton as the Colombus passes an old port Landmark

Photo of what has been identified by Dave Martin to be a Vickers Wildebeest with a Torpedo passing close & low to the Colombus

Columbus passengers enjoy a fly-past, whether a welcome or not we are unsure, whilst with the armament & items being prepared in Germany to aid Gen. Franco’s campaign, this gesture could hardly strike concern.

Photo of German ISDT riders arriving at Southampton

Southampton reached, can someone identify the trio about to take part in a great adventure, the middle guy in the Giant ‘Dai Cap’ is not Herr Scholte.

Photo of Paddle Steamer Her Majesty arrives with more machines & people for ISDT 1937

Photo of Quayside at Southampton with sparkling machines & competitors in fresh leathers. ISDT 1937

Photo of German ISDT teams at Llandrindod Wells ISDT 1937

Can somebody please help us with the team identification here, a memorable team Pic. at  their Llandrindod Wells Hotel, they have now reached the place to start from in WALES, that croquet hoop seems well out of place in the foreground!.   A serious competition is about to start.

Photo of German riders ISDT 1937

Photo of the Official Team service areas at Llandrindod Wells ISDT 1937

(90 59 63 Number plates ID shall be found, HELP!)

Photo of Weigh in & Scrutiny plus Trade stands for oils & spares et al. ISDT 1937

Photo of a Tin Whistle street entertainer said at Lansdone Hotel ISDT 1937

is that Metropole in the background? behind that car reg. VJ 8604.

Photo of #181 sidecar outfit at checkpoint ISDT 1937

Next 3 at the same check in.

Photo of solo motorcycles at time check ISDT 1937

The Wall above & in this Time Check pic is between Glynneath & Neath, from here they went towards Cadoxton (where I used to buy my Methanol for my Triumph Grass Outfit! from a Paint Dealer called Rogers) they would then turn to Sarn Helen Road just before Seven Sisters.  Thanks to Arthur Williams for info.

Photo of local onlookers scrutinising the changing of a tyre by German riders ISDT 1937

Photo of a rider reaching a checkpoint / refuel point ISDT 1937

Where is this?, is it NOT the Canal Bridge? too low unless you had a submarine.

Photo of motorcycles on the road entering Llangattock from Llynigir Mountain

Is this the road out of Crickhowell?.  Arthur Wiiiams solved it, it is the road down from the sign post on Llynigr Mountain, just entering Llangattock.

Photo of Maen Llai stone near the Sarn Helen from the upper back road from Glynneath during the ISDT 1937

On that upper back road from Glynneath far past past the Golf Club nowadays, via Ystradfellte, that big marker stone in the Field?, ‘to your right would be Pen y Fan, with a river running alongside the road & onwards goes the Valley & Road to Crai, I was leaning on the fence there yesterday 28 June 2008.   That upright Stone in the mid left of the pic is the MAEN LLIA stone, you can behind it faintly see the Forest Lodge track through the Hills, it was called the Sarn Helen Track.  Thanks again to Arthur Williams.

Photo of refueling service crew near Crickhowell ISDT 1978

Photo of Cardigan Castle is listed in the Album however I think either Carreg Cennin or elsewhere. ISDT 1937

Photo of view of Crickhowell from Craig y Nos Mansion ISDT 1937

Crickhowell View I asked, amazing how views can be recalled, Arthur William identified it as the View from Craig y Nos Mansion, earlier the home of Madame Adelina Patti, if you had dug out the rocks there, like Arthur you’d rmember it well, I when an Apprentice in Llanelly Steelworks in 1957! came across Madame Patti’s coachman/footman, known then as “Dai Madam Patti”, his bearing and manners told us of his lifetime in service there?.

Photo of a river in countryside mid Wales during ISDT 1937

Is this near Builth Crickhowell or Cardigan or Carmarthen?

Photo of German team motorcycles prior to the final speed stage ISDT 1937

Photo of #101 & #102 at the 6th Day Speed Trial at Donnington ISDT 1937

(I have the Cine of this Day on Disc here!)

Photo of Herr Scholte's Gold Medal ISDT 1937

Photo of finishers award ISDT 1937

To lower right the Welsh Leek, left the English Rose & the View is of the Valley led to by the Ystradfellte Road.

Photo of returning on the Steamship Roland to Cherbourg.

Photo of entrance marker to Cherbourg. Voyage to Bremerhaven is to continue.

[This no doubt came to be a familiar view for Germans 2 years after this photo was taken – Ed]

Photo of German Military Staff car on docks greeting arriving German team from ISDT 1937

In the shadows see the welcome home salutes variations at Bremerhaven (yes you can go to the toilet), (it may just be tongue in cheek or that is a Senior Man’s Yacht, can we have more info on that Vessel? plus the Merc with clear Registration plate?).
The Yacht thanks to Giles Weait we know is the Aviso Grille.   After the North Sea beating of the Royal Navy & Operation Sealion (Seelowe) invasion between Ramsgate & Portland, Post Landings Admin Operations would Stem from the Liner Europa at Southampton which had already the fitted & decorated staterooms plus offices etc when it brought further ISDT competitors.   From the ‘Royal Style Yacht’ Aviso Grille Launches & Motorbot 1 which became later called Gillert Pinnace were to have transported & escorted Herr Hitler up the Thames for him to view his new possession.  Aviso Grille was 135 Metres Long, built by Blohm & Voss at Hamburg, it was armed plus capable of 26 knots.

Photo of passengers on deck at Bremerhaven.

This is the Berthing at Bremerhaven, with adventure over, all ready to disembark.   ALL OUR THANKS TO GILES, lots shall view your kind contributed pics with great interest.

Photo of Aviso Grille in action

Somebody must have had a Leica to get these pics!!

Photo of a German sailing ship.

Here is one of Aviso Grille’s predecessors, also Blohm & Voss built which had it’s original machinery which Dave Martin has actually worked upon, I’d covet this vessel just a little more than AG!

Photo of the worlds most well known tyrant from recent history aboard the Aviso Grille.

Thank you Alun, I shall remove this picture if any objections arise, this is Adolf Hitler aboard Aviso Grille using it for a formal Naval review occasion.

5 thoughts on “Herr Scholte’s Album of 1937”

  1. Peter Scholte said:

    Comment to picture —Photo of German Military Staff car on docks greeting arriving German team from ISDT 1937
    This photo was taken in greece (Saloniki?).
    The driver is my father Alfred Scholte (1979 died).
    The commander at the backseat is Konteradmiral von Stosch

    with best regards

    Peter Scholte

    • iPø∂i$†å said:

      Thanks for the reply and I am sorry to read of the loss of your father. I hope you have enjoyed the images if you don’t have the originals or copies of them.

  2. I’m Born in 1944 in A’dam,the Netherlands,My full name Peter Scholte (petrus Gerardus),Nice to have found you on internet with a hell of a lot of beautiful pictures,greetings,PGS,dd AD 21/9-2014,dutch.

  3. Hi, i might have a possitive id on the middle of the trio of German riders arriving in Southampton (wearer of giant ‘Dai Cap’) but need a high resolution copy of photo to confirm.

  4. The German rider wearing the giant ‘Dai Cap’ is W.Mundhenke.

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