ISDT 1973 – USA

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This year the 48th ISDT was held at Dalton in the Berkshire Hills, Massachusetts, USA 17th – 24th September this was the first time the event had travelled outside of Europe as well as visiting the USA

Image of cover of official program 48th ISDT 1973

Thanks to eBay we have picked up a few pages of the Programme and they are added below

Thanks to the reader who recently gifted a full copy of this programme to share via this page, I am very grateful and will complete the scanning shortly.

Photo of Rolling chassis and engine of an Italian Mazzilli Motorcycle ISDT 1973

We only have this one Mazzilli picture, believed to be of a probably Italian produced Sachs powered Ceriani teleforked & rather nicely constructed machine of the 1970 to 1976 era, CAN ANYONE OUT THERE PLEASE HELP US WITH INFORMATION, riders types events & images.

Thanks to Italian STT reader Massimo who provides this link to a site dedicated to creating a register of the bikes.

Photo of Mazzilli Motorcycles Logo

On the Map!

Image - scanned copy of  course route map day 5 ISDT 1973

Image – scanned copy of course route map day 5 ISDT 1973

Photo #292 Dave Hobbs waiting to start with #298 Dennis Glover ISDT 1973

Photo #292 Dave Hobbs waiting to start with #298 Dennis Glover ISDT 1973

A British Barbour with Epaulettes.. .were these Police issue jackets?

Here is one of Brian Catt’s delights, a pic sent by Sven Olsen of Sweden desparately searching for his Cheney ISDT machine Headlamp parts the picture comes from an article by Tony Down on his website.


Photo of #298 Dennis Glover ready for the off in his racing green helmet adorned with a London ‘Met’ Police badge ISDT 1973


Photo of London ‘Met’ team rider #298 Dennis Glover with the Cheney Triumph twin followed by #296 Dave Randall ISDT 1973


Photo riders #297 #262 Dai Jeremiah #292 Dave Hobbs #263 #254 #279 prepare for special test ISDT 1973

Thanks to Arthur Williams one of our greatest authorities on the ISDT for pointing out that #262 is Dai Jeremiah who went on to be a firm fixture in the British ISDT Trophy team

#292 Dave Hobbs pinned in a group of Swedish riders no doubt on lightweight powerful Husqvarnas, Monarchs or similar whilst the institutional British teams of the Forces and Police were expected to lug around traditional British Heavy Metal in order to fly the flag.


Photo – Foot out Flat out the Speed test with #296 Dave Randall and Dave Hobbs third from left without number board.. dock that man 5 points… ISDT 1973

Photo of Sachs 1973 SWM Silver Vase Machines

With thanks again to our Discoverer in chief, Dave Martin whose bits  galore for inclusion have made the site worth browsing for many many folk in many locations.

Photo of #32 Gianluigi Petrogalli of the Motor Cycle Club of Bergamo Italia & riding SWM 125. ISDT 1973

1973 ISDT Identity of number 32 has been kindly supplied to us by Lamberto Poggi,  Grazia Lamberto.

Photo of #289 Arthur Browning on his Triumph Adventurer causes a splash during the 1973 ISDT.

Photo of #180 Frantisek Mrazek of the victorious Czech Trophy Team ISDT 1973

Photo of #180 Frantisek Mrazek of the victorious Czech Trophy Team ISDT 1973

Photo of #216 Petr Camus of the victorious Czech Trophy Team ISDT 1973

Photo of #216 Petr Camus of the victorious Czech Trophy Team ISDT 1973

Photo of #238 Kvetoslav Masita of the victorious Czech Trophy Team ISDT 1973

Photo of #238 Kvetoslav Masita of the victorious Czech Trophy Team ISDT 1973

Photo of #247 Josef Cisar of the victorious Czech Trophy Team ISDT 1973

Photo of #247 Josef Cisar of the victorious Czech Trophy Team ISDT 1973

Photo of #281 Zdenek Cespiva of Czechoslovakia Trophy Team #299 Dave Mungenast USA on the Triumph Team USA

Photo of #281 Zdenek Cespiva of the victorious Czechoslovakia Trophy Team #299 Dave Mungenast USA on the Triumph Team USA ISDT 1973

1973 Trophy Winning Czechoslovakian team of Josef Fojtik, Zdenek Caspiva, Josef Cisaf, Kvetoslav Masita, Frantisek Mrazek, Petr Cemus.

Photo of Czechoslovakian Trophy Team who won the ISDT 1973

Photo of Czechoslovakian Trophy Team who won the ISDT 1973

Silver Vase though! Won by USA team of Dick Burleson, Malcolm Smith, Ed Schmidt, Ron Bohn who excelled themselves.

Photo of French Team at ISDT 1973

Photo of French Team at ISDT 1973

The French Team in their uniform at the opening ceremony, Left to Right : Christian Rayer, Bernard Chauvière (Manager), Joël Queirel, Nicolas Samofal, Jean-Marie Huguet, Jean-Louis Figureau, Charles Coutard

Photo of #269 Alan Lampkin of the famous Yorkshire dynasty on his Trophy riding for the GB Trophy Team with manager Ken Heanes Day 1 ISDT 1973

Arthur Williams provided some bits so we start a 1973 page Britain’s Best performance for 7 yrs to 2nd in the Trophy Event. 1100 miles to go, 71 Checks, 11 Special Tests.   48th ISDT 17 to 24 inc September at Berkshire Hills, Massachusets USA for the first time outside Europe.
26 Local Conservationists contested the right to proceed with the even & tried to obtain a court injunction, only by a Technicality did the event get underway at 7am on Monday.   Czechs again romped away with it overall, whilst 750cc BMWs weighing 300 lbs proved more of a handfull than expected.   10 Trophy teams were in the melting pot at the end of the first Day.   Army Vase B team was fine, Army Vase A team had lost T Walker with surprisingly a vibrating Sachs power plant.   Arthur Browning had a series of Punctures causing a 4 minute Penalty.

Photo of #287? and #258 Ron Keyes

Names plus info if you can please help, a list of names finishers results plus a programme? even a photocopy we wd dream of one.

Well here it is this is the 1973 Bad Rock 2 Days, Bad Rock is at Athena in Oregon & the pic shows Canadian Dave Mungenast with Ken Payne in the background, then Mike Poe & in the Sunglasses is Dennis Bershaw who came to our help identifying this & then Stan Syphens, so BIG THANKS TO DENNIS BERSHAW!!!  Thanks to Helmut Clasen ‘Speedy’ again Canadian Checkpoint here with Ron Keyes sitting on the machine

Photo of #258 Ron Keyes of Canada

Photo of the Penton Team at the ISDT 1973

The Penton USA Team poses for a photo.
Back row: Jim Hollander, Paul Danik, Carl Cranke, Billy Uhl, Doug Wilford, Joe Barker. Front row: Dane Leimbach, Tom Penton, John Penton – Manager, Jeff Penton, Jack Penton.
Jim was the top scoring Privateer during the qualifiers in the USA in ’73 with 5 Gold Medals, and was placed on the 4-man Vase B Team. Riding a 125cc, Jim was the only Penton rider not to finish that year, ending up in the hospital following a crash in the woods. Penton’s disappointment that year was compounded by Jeff Penton dropping to a Bronze w/ silicone sealant clogging the carb.

Here is another of 258 looking well received everywhere.  Helmut Clasen again to rescue us identifying Ron Keyes with the Canadian Managers, thanks .

The Final Score: Results

Speedtracktales wishes to thank Marc Pétrier of FIM Information Resources who has facilitated the scanning of the FIM archive of ISDT results material and is allowing us to make it available here as a public service. Read a copy of the original Results and Stewards Report at the link below.

Download this file as a pdf

View the Stewards Report for the 1973 ISDT here


48th International Six Days Trial Dalton, Massachusetts, USA 1973
Trophy winner: Czechoslovakia,
Vase Winner – United States.

Magazine Articles…U.S. Article…Canadian Article
U.S. Riders Canadian Riders
Results of 1973 ISDT Qualifiers

The U.S. rider results were provided by Jeff DeBell
Class-Individual Results
Team Results

Interesting side note

  • 50cc class: No US riders
  • 75cc class: No US riders

100cc class: 16 total riders

  • 5th Bill Uhl(30) Penton Gold medal
  • 9th Dane Leimbach(20) Penton Gold medal

125cc class: 71 total riders

  • 17th Joe Barker(34) Penton Gold
  • 20th Stellan Tingstrom (75) Monark Gold
  • 21st Doug Wilford (67) Penton Gold
  • 23rd Paul Danik (81) Penton Gold
  • 30th Tom Penton(57) Penton Silver
  • 54th Jim Hollander (98) Penton Retired
  • 57th Les Grable(107) Dalesman Retired

175cc class: 54 riders

  • 19th Bren Moran(55) Puch Silver
  • 20th Dick Burleson(125) Husqvarna Silver
  • 29th Jeff Penton(112) Penton Bronze
  • 35th Jim Sparkes(119) Puch Retired
  • 46th Tom Clark(141) Puch Retired

250cc class: 67 riders
8th Carl Cranke(189) Penton Gold
13th Malcolm Smith(168) Husqvarna Gold
17th Charlie Vincent(185) Ossa Gold
22nd Don Cutler (209) Ossa Silver
27th Dave Latham (161) Ossa Silver
32nd Jim Piasecki(200) Husqvarna Bronze
42nd Ken Maahs(207) Husqvarna Bronze

350cc class: 27 riders

  • 6th Jack Penton(240) Penton Gold
  • 12th Ron Bohn(229) Husqvarna Silver
  • 13th Gary Snider(236) Rokon Silver
  • 14th Carl Berggren(225) Lind-Qvarna Bronze
  • 15th Jim Fogle(232) Rokon Bronze
  • 17th Ron LaMastus(223) Rokon Bronze
  • 18th Jim Simmons(244) Rokon Bronze

500cc class: 36 riders

  • 10th Ben Bower(248) Husqvarna Gold
  • 11th Jake Fischer(271) Husqvarna Gold
  • 15th Gary Surdyke(251) Yamaha Bronze
  • 17th Barry Higgins(260) Kawasaki Retired
  • 18th Lars Larsson(255) Kawasaki Retired
  • 22nd Mike Patrick(266) Kawasaki Retired
  • 23rd Eric Jensen(282) Kawasaki Retired
  • 27th Ron Bishop(274) Kawasaki Retired
  • 34th Don Stover(249) Husqvarna Retired

1300cc class: 18 riders

  • 3rd Ed Schmidt(284) Husqvarna Gold
  • 7th Dave Mungenast (299) Triumph 510 Silver
  • 9th Dave Eames(290) Husqvarna Silver
  • 10th John Greenrose(293) Triumph Silver
  • 18th Ken Harvey(287) Triumph Retired

World Trophy Teams: 12 teams

  • 5th: USA-Tom Penton, Jack Penton, Jeff Penton, Carl Cranke, Dane Leimbach,
  • Bill Uhl.

Silver Vase Teams: 25 teams

  • 1st: USA “A”-Dick Burleson, Malcolm Smith, Ed Schmidt, Ron Bohn
  • 23rd: USA “B”-Tom Clark, Don Stover, Lars Larsson, Jim Hollander

Manufacturers Teams: 50 teams

  • 9th: Husqvarna “A”-Malcolm Smith, Ron Bohn, Ed Schmidt
  • 11th: OSSA USA-Dave Latham, Charlie Vincent, Don Cutler
  • 17th: Penton “A”-Jack Penton, Jeff Penton, Doug Wilford
  • 20th: Rokon USA-Jim Simmons, Gary Snider, Jim Fogle
  • 30th: Penton “B”-Carl Cranke, Tom Penton, Jim Hollander
  • 34th: Triumph USA-Dave Mungenast, Ken Harvey, John Greenrose
  • 46th: Kawasaki USA-Eric Jensen, Ron Bishop, Mike Patrick

Club Teams: 24 teams

  • 6th: Amherst Meadowlarks-Jim Piasecki, Doug Wilford, Paul Danik
  • 7th: Greylock Riders-Jake Fischer, Dave Eames, Carl Berggren
  • 10th: Golden Gators-Ben Bower, Joe Barker, Barry Higgins
  • 11th: Twin City Competition Riders-Stellan Tingstrom, Jim Sparkes, Gary
  • Surdyke
  • 19th: Lansing Motorcycle Club-Les Grable, Ron LaMastus, Ken Maahs

Interesting side note: In the official program of the 1973 ISDT, Bultaco observed trials champion Lane Leavitt is listed on the Vase “B” team. Lane declined to ride the ISDT after Bultaco would not outfit him with a prototype Frontera (as used by some of the Spanish factory riders) and instead wanted to mount him aboard a Matador. Lane argued that the Matador would not finish the six days of riding. He was also contesting the observed trials championship in 1973 and after declining the Vase ride, went on to capture the trials championship astride a Sherpa T. Jim Hollander was drafted to fill Leavitt’s spot on the Vase B team.

Canadian Riders U.S. Riders
Canadian Teams
125cc Class

  • 38th Eric Neilson(49) Can-Am Silver
  • 40th Jeff Smith(61) Can-Am Bronze
  • 41st Dan Amor(74) Honda Bronze (actually rode an XL175 Honda)
  • 42nd Klaus Rung(105) Zundapp Bronze
  • 56th Helmut Clasen(93) Zundapp DNF
  • 58th Jim Fisher(39) Zundapp DNF
  • 59th Dave Smith(77) Zundapp DNF
  • 60th Derek Browne(83) Zundapp DNF
  • 70th Ron Matthews(100) Can-Am DNF

175cc Class

  • 11th Bob Fisher(121) Can-Am Gold
  • 25th Hugh Lim(166) Kawasaki Silver
  • 33th Bill Sharpless(155) Can-Am DNF

250cc Class

  • 26th Murray Dochstader(182) Kawasaki Silver
  • 41st Harold Perepalkin(188) Bultaco Bronze
  • 59th Jim Fenwick(212) Ossa DNF
  • 60th Larry Gillespie(203) Ossa DNF

500cc Class

  • 13th Ron Keys(258) Yamaha Silver
  • 29th Robin Teeling(267) Yamaha DNF
  • 30th Roger Yakely(283) Yamaha DNF
  • 35th George Buchar(275) Jawa DNF

Canadian Teams
World Trophy Teams: 12 teams

  • 11th Canada – Bob Fisher, Keys, Jim Fisher, Clasen, Dave Smith, Jeff Smith

Silver Vase Teams: 25 teams

  • 12th Canada “B” – Dochstader, Neilson, Sharpless, Fenwick
  • 20th Canada “A” – Gillespie, Perepalkin, Amor, Buchar

Manufacturers Teams: 50 teams

  • 36th Can-Am(Can) – Bob Fisher, Neilson, Matthews
  • 44th Yamaha(Can) – Keys, Teeling, Yakely
  • 49th Zundapp(Can) – Clasen, Dave Smith, Jim Fisher

Team Results” Trophy – 11th. Vase: (Canada B) 12th. and Canada A- 20th.
Supporters: Jim Kelly, Team Manager and Co-ordinator , Larry Bastedo, Jury.(Too many others to list).

Photo of Rokon 340 riders left to right, Jim Fogle, Dave Mungenast, & Gary Snider at ISDT in Dalton Massachussetts. ISDT 1973

Could someone please provide names plus info. to see if this really is genuine?.  That was our call so BIG BIG THANKS to Jim Hollander again for helping us all,

Photo of #135 Denis Baillard 175 KTM of France B Vase Team Italian Trophy man  #137 Emilio Capelli 175 KTM first day crossing Westfield River ISDT 1973

Both Machines screaming PENTON heavily marked.

Photo of #136 Gary Snider, riding that Rokon machine with a pull Starter ISDT 1973

Photo of four-man German BMW team including Herbert Schek in the United States in ISDT 1973

Photo of #301 #300 #285 #295 4 man German BMW team at ISDT 1973.

Photo of #295 Herman Schek ISDT 1973

Photo of #295 Herbert Schek firing up the big BMW twin at ISDT 1973

thanks to Leo Keller for info.

Photo of #232 Jim Fogle Rokon ISDT 1973

photo of

Photo of #282 Jim Simmons lets rip on the US built Rokon ISDT 1973

Photo of USA rider #282 Jim Simmons and his Rokon face a water crossing ISDT 1973

where though?

Photo of Penton Team 1973, with huge thanks to  Leo Keller:- from left Jack Penton, Dane Leimbach, Billy Uhl, Carl Cranke, Tom Penton, Jeff Penton. ISDT 1973

Photo of #127 Josef Stefl 175 Jawa, Czech Vase B, #128 Karl Ingemar 175 Monark Swedish Trophy Team.  #124 Werner Wabrig 175 Puch Austrian Trophy Team, Busbey Trail on 4th Day ISDT 1973

Photo of Ron Bishop who deservedly attracted Kawasaki backing ISDT 1973

Photo of #23 Karl Reichel 100 Hercules West German Vase A team member on Busbey Trail on the 4th Day ISDT 1973

Artefacts and Collectibles

Photo of ISDT 1973 Badge (courtesy of Brian Catt)

Photo - US Trophy Team ISDT 1973

Photo – US Trophy Team ISDT 1973

Photo - AMA Cloth Badge ISDT 1973

Photo – AMA Cloth Badge ISDT 1973

Photo of the old 1973 ISDT cloth badge for the Event held at DALTON, Official AMA badge removed from an Old Belstaff, (courtesy of eBay)

Photo - Competitors Carpark pass ISDT 1973

Photo – Competitors Carpark pass ISDT 1973

Photo of US Penton advert featuring the marques involvement with the ISDT in the USA

Photo of 1974 Penton

Where are they now?

Check out the feature in Folk’s and Motors to see  the Team USA Triumphs of #287 Ken Harvey

17 year old Joe Barker rode his 1st ISDT and was top American rider in the 125cc class and 4th American overall and possibly youngest rider at that time to win a Gold Medal. He rode on the US Trophy team to following year in Italy.

Morton's Archive

Speedtracktales is grateful to Morton’s Archive for their support.

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  1. john boothroyd said:

    i have a copy of the 1973 program if you are still needing one, free to a good cause where would i send it? john

    • iPø∂i$†å said:

      Wow cant say thank you enough, I thought the programme would be A5 and a dozen or so pages , I did not expect a book. Thank you very much John I hope to get ti scanned and hope you continue to enjoy the work we are doing here.

    • Jean-Marc Oziol said:

      “The French Team in their uniform at the opening ceremony, can any body put names to faces here?”

      Left to Right : Christian Rayer, Bernard Chauvière (Manager), Joël Queirel, Nicolas Samofal, Jean-Marie Huguet, Jean-Louis Figureau, Charles Coutard

  2. Do you have any information on the Polish team WSK?

    • Thanks for your visit and enquiry I can check the program and results sheet but for the moment thats all I am likely to have however I hope others reading this may be able to help you better in the future.

  3. About Giorgio Mazzilli and his beautiful bikes, please go to

    • I have what I believe to be the only Mazzilli in the US. It’s a Series 3 in red and blue. I imported it from Italy in 2005 and will riding it in its fourth ISDT Reunion Ride appearance next weekend in Athens, OH.

  4. arthur williams said:

    that rider 262 at the start of the test is dave jerimiah

  5. Awesome stuff !!

    I was looking for pics of Ben Bowers. Met his wife today. She attends my aerobics class here the tr Bay Area. When she told me he raced 6 days I started throwing out names. Chris Carter, Dick Burlson, Malcolm Smith and she was amazed I knew them.

    Love the Penton and other pics. Thanks for the site!

    • Denny Welcome and thanks for your kind comments. Hope we get more material to satisfy your interest too and we are always open to any material from the US of Euro events or the US home ISDT. Thanks

  6. terry dishroon said:

    john penton told me that the polish team did not have any oil so he gave them oil . they could not read English and put fork oil in gas and the engines did not last on the wrong oil.

  7. Hello many years a go ive sold and sended to Rick Yamane Ca the only one Mazzilli 125 in US ciao

  8. Robert Mcaninch said:

    I was only 14 years old then but was an avid dirt biker that rode with elder bikers that rode enduros in western NY, Pa, Ohio and Canada. My buds went to the ISDT in Mass and brought me back a jersey. We all rode Penton motorcycles. I haven’t been able to find a picture of the jersey. It’s red white and blue with USA PENTON on it. I’ll send you a picture of it does anyone recognize it?

  9. Glenn Reynolds said:

    Does anyone have a list of the 16 riders and bikes in the 100cc class?

  10. Great article.
    I worked the 6 Days as a checker. I have a lot of memobeale from it. I am down sizing because I moved into a smaller house, is there anyone who’s buys 6 day memobeale.
    Thanks Brian

    • speedtracktales said:

      Brian, your best bet is to get it onto one of the auctions by Bonhams got the classic bike shows the collectors who will pay what the stuff is worth

  11. Mark Harrington said:

    I’m a friend of Rokon factory rider way back then his mane is Jim Simons he has lots of information plus a couple books

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