Ken Harvey’s – Team USA Triumph TR5T 500cc ISDT 1973

Details of this ex ISDT 1973 US team bike which found its way into the hands. use and collection of US motorcycle Journalist Henry Manning III were found on the auction details of the Bonham’s Auctions web site where the bike came up and was sold in auction in 2010

Photo of US ISDT ream Triumph (Courtesy Bonhams)


Photo of

Photo of

13 Nov 2010 2 p.m.
Six Days special from the Henry Manney collection
1973 Triumph 500 ISDT bike
Frame no. TR5T GH 15003
Engine no. TR5T GH 15003
Henry Manney III was no ordinary journalist, so it follows that his trailbike was no ordinary mount. Based on a stock Triumph TR5T, it is in fact one of three factory-backed U.S. team bikes specially prepared for the 1973 International Six Days Trial–the so-called Olympics of motorcycling–held that year in New England’s Berkshire Mountains.Deviations from standard were intended to reinforce the bike’s reliability and included a doubled-up ignition system. Many of the redundant electrics, as well as the air cleaner, were protected from water by triangular naugahyde covers snapped and velcroed beneath the seat. Extra bars welded onto the lower frame rails guarded against rock damage to the engine cases. Aftermarket plastic fenders were more durable than the stock metal mudguards; likewise the cobby twin-lamp taillight assembly was less prone to being cleaned off by low-hanging branches. Rear hub was a BSA B40 quick-change unit, while the small conical front hub was from a Rickman 125. Other ISDT touches included spokes safety-wired at cross points and tommybars welded to the axles to facilitate speedy wheel removal.Records are sketchy but it appears likely this is the bike ridden by American team member Ken Harvey, listed as retired after a crash. Post-ISDT, the Triumph was sold to Manney who rode it on at least two Cycle World Treks, big industry rides in Baja put on by the magazine, judging by the decals still on the front fender. He also used it to make rounds at Saddleback Park, the off-road riding area co-founded by CW‘s Joe Parkhurst. Son Henry IV remembers topping Saddleback’s fearsome Matterhorn hillclimb on the Triumph.Last registered in 1982, this is a time-capsule Triumph, ridden in the Six Days and owned by one of moto-journalism’s great characters. Offered on a Bill of Sale.

US$ 12,000 – 15,000
£7,600 – 9,500
€8,900 – 11,000

Auction Notices

  • The title for this lot is in transit.

1 thought on “Ken Harvey’s – Team USA Triumph TR5T 500cc ISDT 1973”

  1. Taz Harvey said:

    Not Ken Harvey’s! we recovered Ken’s original TR5 from a basement in San Francisco 10 years ago. We are 100% certain this bike is not Ken’s. Could be the spare bike for the team or Frank Diaz’ bike. Dave Mungenast has his bike as does John Greenrose.
    Looks like an authentic TR5 ISDT bike just not Ken Harvey’s…

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