Folks ‘n Motors

It’s not just the men there were the women too and their machines. Come here to find more about the individuals, their machines and the companies that made them.


Tommy Meeten and the Francis Barnett 1927

John (Jack) Andrew McLean Leslie and his Rudge 499cc at ISDT 1934

Herr Scholte’s album of his Gold Medal winning trip to Wales for the ISDT 1937

Jim Alves‘s early career in Trials 1946

Bob Ray Ariel ISDT Ace of the 1950’s

Steve Tell 1970’s Monark team rider

The German Enduro all-rounder: Rolf Witthoeft

Herbert Schek: a giant of the German ISDT scene

A review of the Women at the ISDT


The ex-Phil Pike, ISDT and Maudes Trophy-winning 1926 Norton 588cc ‘Model 19’ Motorcycle Combination

Unknown 488cc Royal Enfield Press Fleet Motorcycle ISDT 1929

1932 490cc ‘International’ Norton – Production model road test

Silver Vase winning DKW 246 ISDT 1935

Stuart Waycott’s ISDT 1937 Velocette Sidecar Outfit 600cc

Percy Sivell’s ISDT 1938 BSA JB25 Empire Star Competition

Arthur Merrett’s works ISDT 1948 Vincent-HRD 998cc Series-B Rapide

BSA Gold Star and the ISDT

1951 BSA Bantam D1 125cc (poss ex ISDT)

Hugh Viney’s ISDT 1953 works AJS 500cc

Georg Meier’s works ISDT 1953 BMW 594cc R67/2

Jim Alves’ ISDT 1954 Triumph Trophy 650cc twin

Francis Barnett Manufacturers Team Bikes ISDT 1954 / ISDT 1955

1955 Ariel Red Hunter ISDT (Replica?)

Brian Nash’s ISDT 1955 Royal Enfield (1953) 700cc Meteor Trials Combination

1961 ISDT Jawa 250cc

Arthur Lampkin’s ISDT 1965 TriBSA 502cc [GOB 657 D]

Ken Sedgely’s Suzuki 124cc ISDT 1965

Roy Peplow’s works, ISDT 1966 Triumph 490cc Tiger 100S/C

ex British Trophy Team ISDT 1968 Cheney Triumph 500cc

Dick Sutton’s ISDT 1968 Cheney Triumph 500cc Twin

Ivor Smart’s ISDT 1970 ex Factory Bultaco Matador 175cc

Jim Sandiford’s ISDT 1970 Cheney Triumph 504cc Tiger 100C

Bryan Cowshall’s Army A Vase Team ISDT 1972 Works Cheney BSA 441cc ( from 1969)

Johann Sommerauer’s ISDT 1973 works Puch MC 175

Ken Harvey’s – Team USA Triumph 500cc ISDT 1973

Blog – BMW’s 1979 ISDT team and GS 80 motorcycle

Rolf Witthoeft’s ISDT 1980 Works BMW GS 900

8 thoughts on “Folks ‘n Motors”

  1. Maicosammler said:

    There is another survivor, the 1955 Maico 175 #56 of german trophy winner Ernst Deike. Are you interested in pictures?

    • iPø∂i$†å said:

      Yes thanks for your notes ‘Maicosammler’ If you have any images of ISDT riders and machines then or now we would be very pleased to have them here.

  2. SID WICKEN [SRW] 1956 – 1958 Matchless works rider – Wife and Mum; peace be with you.

    Wicken – Edna Yvonne died peacefully on 2 November 2013 aged 82 years. She was the beloved wife of Sid for 63 years also a proud mother, grandmother and great grandmother. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her. Thanksgiving service on Monday 11th November at 11.30 am at St Matthews Parish Church, Warehorne, Ashford, Kent. Flowers from immediate family only, donations if wished to Great Ormond St Hospital, 40 -41 Queen St, London, WC1N.

    • iPø∂i$†å said:

      Sorry to read this but she is back with Sid now. God bless and protect her.

      • Dad is still very much alive – he is bearing up OK in this Sad time – Ill let him know your condolences

      • iPø∂i$†å said:

        I’m sorry I got that wrong and very much pleases me he is well and I hope he can gain strength from the continued respect he earns from the global community of Enduro and six day riders.

  3. I did relay your condolences to Dad and family – Dad – Sid – it did lift his spirits a little with a good belly Laugh – as he said often mixed he and Jack up [having left us a year ago] – he will touch base in time and remains very much in touch with his peers and will no doubt continue to do so.thanks for kind words from us all. Dad and I was only talking about your efforts in compiling the history and we talked about Gilo, Tim Gibbs and Bob Manns etc only a couple of weeks ago. when he had a few pictures of the teams back in the days. Ill do my best to encourage contact once all settled down etc.

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