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Now getting to be one of the best collections of the moving image record of the International Six Days Trial from right back in the 1920’s covering the riders, machines and venues, what has become a very long collection of movie footage available on-line and found on t’interweb at sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Newsreels and elsewhere! It is one of the sites most popular pages and I welcome all new visitors arriving here and welcome them, if they enjoy these clips, to check out our other pages which are dedicated to each year of the event and to the bikes, places, and riders. This is a collection of videos some professional and some home movies that put together a great overview of where the events were and how the sport has progressed between 1913 and 1980.

You must check out our page featuring an additional collection of videos from an epic 15+ video clips featuring the highlights of the ISDT series over the years it was organised.

If you have, or know of, any clips we have have not yet seen or we could publish for you please do let us know.

Now you’d better set aside sufficient time before you proceed beyond this sentence, everyone says this stuff is addictive and often takes several hours to get through!! life can be hard with such distractions.

1926 – England

We do not know if this movie is of the ISDT it is undated and originates from digitised film stock clearly taken in the 1920’s starting off with an ‘Observed Trials’ scene then a ‘Grasstrack’ scene until at 4:30 the film leaves a small group of riders ‘ trail riding’ on a rough track moves to what seems to be a group of riders we first see a male rider #13 then see a woman rider #16 then#54, my initial thoughts were Marjorie Cottle but then following her is a man #55. The 1926 ISDT event, for which we do not have a rider list, has photos of #55 as G McLean, the husband of Louise McLean herself a succesful and Silver Vase winning six days racer. Images of Louise and Marjorie we already have reduce the likelihood this was filmed on the 1927 or 1928 events and I would doubt its 1925 although they may be from one of the classic observed trials of the time such as the ‘Scott’. If anyone can give a better answer please feel free to chip in.

British Pathe‘ News newsreel below includes the women in the event

1927 – England

British Pathé‘ Newsreel featuring a snatch of the ISDT in 1927 in the Lake District including the house featured on the event programme cover and a water crossing featured in many of the Motorcycle Paper reviews of the event.

1933 – Wales

This is a ‘British Pathe‘ Newsreel of the final days speed test of the 1933 ISDT

1937 – Wales

ISDT  from Llandrindod Wells
Firstly a short ‘Movietone News‘ news reel with sound in fairly good quality.

British Pathe‘ Newsreel on the event and Llandrindod Wells

next is a very short clip without sound of poor quality

1939 – Germany

I have a DVD of footage of this event but copyright restrictions stop me from making it available. Hopefully the rights owners will one day relinquish this control so what is quite remarkable footage can be enjoyed again.

1947 – Czechoslovakia

A short clip covering the final speed test from the first ISDT to be held after the end of WWII

1953 – Czechoslovakia
A lively little official video of 15 minutes of this important event. Possibly first part of a longer movie which we will keep an eye out for.


1954 – Wales

A short news reel type clip of the Welsh event of 1954 covering some of the going and event facilities.

go to Archive CT24 site to view

1955 – Czechoslovakia

Our first movie is an official film covering the event providing an interesting 24 minute feature on the event.

a series of ISDT movies of the event at Gottwaldov from Zündapp Factory


It is possible these videos were withdrawn due to copyright reasons. The footage may possibly be found on a DVD called “XXX. Sechstagefahrt Gottwaldov 1955″ that can be found on

XXX. Sechstagefahrt Gottwaldov 1955 click on image to go to page at

Pt 1

Pt 2

Pt 3

Pt 4

Pt 5

1956 – W Germany

ISDT Garmisch Partenkirchen filmed by the Czechoslovakian Team

ISDT – movie produced by Zündapp of the final Speed Test of the 31st ISDT

Some old footage copied from a recent TV broadcast


It is possible these videos were withdrawn due to copyright reasons. The footage may possibly be found on a 56 minute DVD called “XXXI. Sechstagefahrt Garmisch 1956” that can be found on

XXXI. Sechstagefahrt Garmisch 1956 click on image to go to page at

This is the DVD trailer.

Another slightly shorter 27 min DVD called “31. Internationale Sechstagefahrt 1956” can also be found at

31. Internationale Sechstagefahrt 1956  click on image to go to page at

Click either of the above images to order the video directly from Amazon.

Pt 1

Pt 2

Pt 3

Pt 4

Pt 5

1958 – West Germany

This footage was found at the AP media site titled indicating titled ‘Polish Motorbike Trials’ and dated 23 Sept 1958. A quick check against the entry list and a few comparisons of riders with photos on the site pretty much confirm the video is of the 1958 ISDT

1959 – Czechoslovakia
ISDT Czechoslovakia – Gottwaldov

This is a gallery slide show of photos

an original official promotional film of the event

1960 – Austria

ISDT Austria – Trailer
This video of 25 minutes worth of footage can be purchased online for €20 from the German Historic Film Service Company

ISDT Austria Pt 1

ISDT Austria Pt 2

1961 – Wales
Another obscure old Newsreel footage of the event back in Llandrindod Wells at the beginning of the swinging sixties. This clip has sound

British Pathe‘ Newsreel – now officially loaded to Youtube

This clip of rushes from a popular british TV news channel, video has no sound, you have not gone deaf.

riders #223 T Chequer, #226 Stan Pitts, #146 T Magnusson Sweden Gold, #119 E Buhler Swiss Bronze, #157 H Eickenberg W Ger Silver, #164 A Troisieme Belgium Silver, #166 E Kirsis Russia Gold, #179 Bill Faulkner, #202 N Pole, #282 Sammy Miller GB Gold.

The second part is the speed test unable to catch many numbers but there are a few shots of the scooter and #63 V Adoyen Rus Gold, #61 J Abt W Ger Gold, #59 R Wegner W Ger Silver, #79 R Isaksson Swe Gold, #73 V Sjomin Rus Gold #32 B Nausland Swe Gold

This 12 minute video starts with a number of clips of footage from the early 60’s associated to motorcycle rallies and sports like motoball which appear to feature significant numbers of Triumphs and may be an original promotional clips produced by Triumph or Triumph fans. at 8:05 it features the ISDT 1961 starting in Llandrindod Wells it shows in colour many aspects of the event both riders, checks and places. Amongst the riders featured are Bud Ekins, Johnny Giles, Jim Sandiford, Colin Moram

1963 – Czechoslovakia
ISDT from Czechoslovakia

This is a newsreel of the event in 1963 from Movietone News

This newsreel from Pathé News shows that the event still was popular with the media into the mid 1960’s

another short clip

A version of this Pathe film turned up as a Polish Newsreel – stills with rider details can be found on this blog

1965 – Isle of Man
A promo film created by Shell of the 1965 ISDT in Isle of Man and available from Youtube in 3 parts

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

or as a whole 20 minute session here

1969 – W Germany

A short soundless newsreel in colour found in the media archive of Associated Press

1970 – Spain
Rare footage with American commentator dialogue of the 1970 ISDT held at El Escorial in Spain

A short film on the ISDT from the archives of RTVE the spanish TV network

1973 – USA
Video taken of the ISDT of 1973 held in Dalton USA

A family movie from Dale Fisher of the ISDT 1973

A Home Super 8 film converted to video by John Leone

Another home movie this time taken by Bill Wanamaker at the age of 17

This sextet of fine home movies were made by Dave Sleeper and have been posted on Youtube by Julie Sleeper
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Previously unknown film from youtube from Czechoslovakia of the ISDT in 1973 featuring some interesting images of the America seen during the teams visit.

At present the video below appears to have vanished from Youtube

A 4 part series of videos of the ISDT 1973 originally linked to on woods although they appear to have moved to Youtube now

1 of 4

2 of 4

3 of 4

4 of 4

1974 – Italy
Movie of the ISDT in Camerino, Italy from the Zundapp Factory Part 1

Movie of the ISDT in Camerino, Italy from the Zundapp Factory Part 2 inc some 1975

The below 2 videos were produced by Penton covering their riders involvement in the ISDT 1974

1 of 2

2 of 2

1975 – Isle of Man
A duo of movies produced for Penton Motorcycles recording the ISDT of 1975 in the Isle of Man

Part 1

Part 2

Czechoslovakian Video taken of the ISDT in the Isle of Man

Movie of the ISDT from the Zündapp Factory including some material from 1976

Further to these embedded movies you can find 2 American videos of the ISDT in the Isle of Man at the below web sites

1976 – Austria
Found on Youtube this video is a record of the arrival of the first of the serious effort by Japanese companies to make competitive Enduro Bikes and their earliest great effort the Suzuki PE can be seen here

Movie of the ISDT from the Zündapp Factory

Austrian documentary on Enduros and the ISDT

1977 – Czechoslovakia
Found on Youtube original material from RDR TV

1979 – Germany
A home movie from the penultimate time the event was called the ISDT held in Germany featuring riders with Maico bikes,

A very rare video from the BMW archives of all the works BMW’s at the ISDT

Additional material including the BMW footage from the above movie but with more coverage or the BMW and other manufacturers in the event

1980 – France

A video that won an award and shot by Christian Sulleman at the 55th International Six Day and featuring many of the great bike marques dominating the enduro scene by the end of the 1970’s my own personal favourite being the Fantic 125

Converted Super 8 footage in Colour from the last ISDT at Brioude in France, a fantastic reminder of the classic days as the ISDT moves from its Trials roots to becoming the ISDE Enduro

Part 1

Part 2

We also have this 10 minute clip from Briode

This MZ promotional film consists of two separate really from the Late ISDT early ISDE period. The first film is a promotional peeve on the routing capability of MZ models. Then at 9:10 it slips into all out off road ISDT warfare which bar for a few minutes deviation into Simson models provides high quality footage and pictures of ISDT scenes around checkpoints and features other popular makes like KTM, Husqvarna and Fantic


Delightful copy of a tv documentary on Enduro from the Welsh Language S4C TV channel Youtube posting claims 1982 but I am sure it is for the ISDE in Wales in 1983 and had a copy on VHS somewhere. Featuring footage of Welsh all time ISDE great Geraint Jones at his farm in Llanidloes it also has twin shock era footage of the Welsh Two day and some archive footage in black and white of the ISDT, commentary in Welsh.

Part 2 – This barn at the beginning was the team USA base at the ISDE in 1983, I recall visiting the place at the end of the ISDE and with a few mates buying up all of their unused oils and consumables of the remnants of the US team.

Part 3 – Starts off by visiting the Special MX test of the ISDE 1983 at the Rhayader MX track in Powys

More footage of the ISDE of 1983 taken by local film maker / journalist Derek Pugh


I found these videos claiming to be ISDT footage but I seriously doubt it however they are still priceless as an artifact recording the Enduro scene in Europe at the time of the ISDT. If anyone can better identify them please do.

Film by Christian Sulleman indicated to be ISDT 1980 Brioude

The below is definitely a six days but is it an ISDT or an ISDE, its pre 83 with white tank Huskies and certainly eastern block so I’d go for 1982 ISDE Czechoslovakia… still a retro classic event.

13 thoughts on “ISDT tube”

  1. Jean-Marc Oziol said:

    Effectivement, le film de Christian Sulleman est en 3 parties.
    La 3ème concerne les ISDT de Brioude. C’est celle que vous avez mise dans ISDT 1980.
    La partie qui est dans “joker” concerne le 1er enduro qui s’est couru en France en 1972 à Brioude (jusqu’à 5’46). On y voit quelques pilotes d’ISDT français des années 70 :
    #23 Charles Coutard 360 Yamaha
    #14 Joël Queirel 125 Monark
    #1 Claude Thomas 250 Ossa
    #12 Alain Chaligne 250 Greeves Ossa
    #9 Nicolas Samofal 250 Ossa
    # 15 Jean Marie Huguet 125 Monark
    A partir de 5’47 c’est une entrainement du coté de Brioude en 1977 avec les organisateur des ISDT de 1980 Michel Chirouze (500 XT #5) et Jean-Louis Figureau ainsi que 2 pilotes KTM France Joel Queirel et Philippe Blanc-Tailleur.


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