ISDT Links

Links to resources we have found that provided add significant depth on ISDT related matters.

Web Sites

Wikipedia has a substantive article on the ISDT in German with daughter pages on each year linking to this site for images a website with a North American focus on the story of the ISDT is a fan site run by riders and has excellent reportage of Belgian efforts to pick up medals and trophies 1968 – 1974 in its ‘Six Days” section with a list of German winners of Trophy and Silver Vase is a site pulled together by Italian riders French site dedicated to vintage enduro covering the ISDT bikes and the vintage enduro scene where many of the clubman’s bikes get to show their prowess

Technical Museum of Vienna A very important archive of ISDT material both of the ISDT’s held in Austria but also a few aboard the extensive photo galleries specifically focus on Austrian riders but are of interest to the study of the ISDT. is a website dedicated to vintage Enduro bikes established in Germany in 2000. the website and forum dedicated to racing classic vintage ISDT & Enduro bikes in the UK.

Squadra Regolaritá Club France – Forum driven site for Enduro with many posts dedicated to old ISDT events (French / Français)

Classic South West Riders A fantastic Club / Centre level photo gallery featuring the greats of the South West England Trials Scene including a whole chunk of 1950s’ ISDT events including Bob Ray. If there is anything I need to know about the Triumph twins 1957-69 this is the site I prefer to consult, a great example of the strength of the internet when we share all that we know without seeking profit.


VMX Magazine – Australian based magazine with US and Euro correspondants of the calibre of Dirt Bikes’s Rick ‘Super Hunky’ Sieman and Leo Keller both press legends.

Morton’s Archive A pretty amazing photo library holding a lot of the rights to original motorcycle magazine images is dedicated to motorcycling with a healthy collection of ISDT images.


ISDT 1970: a beautiful book covering the history of the ISDT in the Iberian Peninsular In Spanish but quality of images and layout more than make up benefits for english speakers.


Rolf Witthoeft, winner in all saddles: nine-time German, eight-time European, and two-time (each) ISDT Trophy and Vase winner an article on by our contributor Leo Keller.

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  1. Jon Stone said:

    I have an autograph page dated Harrogate 1928 with many of the International riders and also Marjorie Cottle, Louise McLean and Edith Foley

  2. Jon Stone said:

    Of course , is there an email address I can send it to ??

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