Ivor Smart’s ex factory Bultaco 175cc Matador 1970

Ivor Smart hailing from Wrexham was a stalwart of the North and Mid Wales Enduro scene for as long as I remember. I first encountered him in the mid 1970’s and he already had completed many successful seasons in the sport.

My attention to this bike’s present location arose after an appeal on the Trials Central website forum from Pat Kean, the current owner of the bike, who purchased it from Ivor’s family after he sadly passed away in the late 2000’s.

Whilst awaiting modern pictures from Pat of Ivor’s bike here below are pictures of the restored 1966 Bultaco 175cc as ridden by Irish Vase Team ISDT racer #206 Davie Andrews in Sweden

Photo of Bultaco Matador 175cc ISDT 1966

Photo of

Pat acquired the 1970 Bultaco Matador prototype mk4 sd it was one of 25 built for the use in the ISDT that was held at El Escorial, to the north of Madrid in Spain in 1970. In that year this bike was ridden by a Belgian called Jean Crossett. It was then bought from F X Bulto himself by Ivor Smart after he followed it in the 1970 event in El Escorial. A picture of Ivor , then on a Husqvarna, can be found on our page for the 1970 event.

Photo of one of the 25 Bultaco Matadors at the ISDT 1970 where Jean Crossett and #199 Jean Cordonnier both rode to a Silver Medal finish

Ivor then rode it in the 1971 ISDT held in the Isle of Man winning a gold medal in the process, he rode it in a few events afterwards and then stored it for 30 odd years. Pat says he saw this bike when he went to look at another Bultaco never thinking i would get the chance to buy it. Unfortunatly Ivor had by then died and the bike passed to one of his sons who kept it for a while and then decided to sell. When found it really was in very original condition with its scrutineering marks from not only its  IOM outing but also its 1970 debut in Spain.

Pat would also be really grateful if anybody has or knows of any photos taken at either event showing the Bultaco. In 1970 it was #226  then in 1971 #154.

Detail of restored bike

Bar mounted Route Card roller




1 thought on “Ivor Smart’s ex factory Bultaco 175cc Matador 1970”

  1. I am the lucky owner of Bultaco 1970 Bultaco Matador prototype mk4 sd riden byJean Crossett still perfectly conserved in the look of 1970 ISDT and I own some photos of the bike but only in the 1970 event not 1971

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