A recent video posted on Facebook suggesting it was in 1953 is clearly taken at an ISDT which after cross referencing the entry list after a suggestion on our Facebook page confirmed it most likely to be 1963. Whilst I have been unable to identify a copy anywhere on YouTube to share it can be seen on our Facebook page.

The video would appear to have originated as a newsreel from Polska Kronika Filmowa. If anyone can locate this archive please let me know. In the absence of a postable copy of the video. Here are some stills from the online video. Not as good a quality as I would like but as images from this event are scarce they are useful.

Photo – #15 Alfred Michel FDR 50cc Kreidler Gold Medal 4th in Class ISDT 1963

Photo – #18 Leo Holy FDR 50cc Zündapp Silver Medal 6th in class ISDT 1963

Photo – #31 Jaroslav Rejman Czechoslovakia 125cc CZ Gold Medal 9th in class ISDT 1963

Photo – #67 Wolfgang Seuffert FDR 100cc Hercules retired day 5 ISDT 1963

Photo – #69 Günther Dotterweich FDR 100cc DKW Gold Medal 2nd in Class ISDT 1963

Photo – #86 Werner Salewsky DDR 250cc MZ Gold Medal Class winner ISDT 1963

Photo – #87 Drahoslav Miarka Czechoslovakia 250cc CZ Gold Medal 2nd in class ISDT 1963

Photo – #285 Vladimir Fedosov USSR 500cc IZ Retired Day 4ISDT 1963

Photo – #264 František Höffer Czechoslovakia 500cc Jawa Silver medal ISDT 1963

Photo – #293 Arthur Lampkin GBR 500cc BSA Silver medal ISDT 1963