ISDT 1972 – Czechoslovakia

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The 47th ISDT took place in Spindlruv Myln, Czechoslovakia now in the Czech Republic.
The Trophy was won by the home Czechoslovakia Team of P Cemus, F Mrazek, J Cisar, Z Cespiva, J Briza, J Fojtik.  The Silver Vase competition was won by the Czech “A” team P Valek, M Jedlicka, J Rabas, P Cihelka. The winning Club team was Ruda Hvezda 1

Photo – German Silver Vase Team #40 Karl Rerichel, #46 Rolf Beppler in an Archiv Zweirad Union picture ISDT 1972

Thanks to Leo Keller again, Hercules CSSR Team with Rolf Beppler to the right? & Karl Reichel

Photo of #53 Rolf Witthoeft at the ISDT in Czechoslovakia, 1972

Another image from the amazing ISDT albums of Leo Kellar

[please identify others for us?]

Image of scanned cover of Route map days 3 & 4 ISDT 1972

Photo of Belgian Hercules mounted Team ISDT 1972

Czech’s again take the 1972 ISDT Trophy, Jaroslav Briza, Petr Cemusa, Zdenek Cespiva, Josef Cisaf, Frantisek Mrazek, Josef Fojtik,

Photo of Jawa’s 1972 350 ISDT machine which had become THE machine to win with.

Photo of #105 Jim Hollander on Penton 125 at ISDT 1972

In Spindleruv Myln, Czechoslovakia was Jim’s first Six-Days competition. Riding a 125cc Penton on a Gold medal pace until 3 hours before the finish on the 6th day, he suffered a mud-packed throttle cable with no spare. Silver Medal was the result. Not able to change a tire in the typical 4 minutes of a seasoned veteran, he rode all 6 days on the same knobbies, making rear traction tricky as shown in photo. Czechoslovakia was behind the Iron Curtain and crossing the border into Czecho was a unique experience. Border guards in look-out towers, no-man’s land, barbed wire fences, and soldiers with machine guns.

The Final Score: Results

Speedtracktales wishes to thank Marc Pétrier of FIM Information Resources who has facilitated the scanning of the FIM archive of ISDT results material and is allowing us to make it available here as a public service. Read a copy of the original Results and Stewards Report at the link below.

imagee - cover of official results report ISDT 1972

image – cover of official results report ISDT 1972

Download this file as a pdf

View the Stewards Report for the 1972 ISDT here

Artefacts and Collectibles

image - promotional pendant Team Jawa ISDT 1972

image – promotional pendant Team Jawa ISDT 1972


12 thoughts on “ISDT 1972 – Czechoslovakia”

  1. Brian Catt said:

    Has anyone any results to share?????

  2. Colin Sparrow said:

    Hello, my name is Colin Sparrow and I am writing a book about the history of Greeves motorcycles, due for publication early next year.

    I want to include an analysis of all Greeves performances in the ISDT. I have many of the programmes and your site has been a tremendous help. This will be acknowledged in the book.

    I’ve just got stuck on the 1972 ISDT in Czechoslovakia:

    There were eight Greeves entered, seven Pathfinders and a 380 Griffon Enduro.

    The British magazines only give results for the three British riders (all DNFs). I need results for:

    145 Bruno Schmidli – Swiss Trophy Team. (Only one member of that team finished and he got a Silver. Was it Schmidli?)

    184 C. Steffen – Swiss private entrant
    192 Denis Baillard – French private entrant

    210 W. Zurcher – Swiss private entrant

    216 Ernst Hausler – Swiss private entrant

    If I can get those, a complete analysis of Greeves’ ISDT performances will be in the book.

    Just in case you have a 1974 programme, are you able to confirm my belief that there were no Greeves entered that year?

    If you are able to help I’d be most grateful – and thanks either way.

    • iPø∂i$†å said:

      Full results are now included in the 1972 report

      • COLIN SPARROW said:

        Thank you very much for posting the 1970-73 results. My Greeves ISDT record is now complete. Just in time!

        >________________________________ > From: Speed Track Tales >To: >Sent: Sunday, 22 September 2013, 0:56 >Subject: [New comment] ISDT 1972 – Czechoslovakia > > >iPø∂i$†å commented: “Full results are now included in the 1972 report” >

      • iPø∂i$†å said:

        No problem also posted a photo of a works six days greeves the other day

    • William Smith said:

      Was it Monty Banks who rode the only Greeves Griffon in 1972 reg JYU67K Frame number 61nc306 Engin number spe9/103

      • Colin Sparrow said:

        Hi William,

        It is now nearly ten years since my book was published, and my research material has been passed on and my recollections are hazy. I have no exact details of the sole 380cc Griffon Enduro which took part and was ridden by David Banks. He was a non-finisher, being excluded for lateness on day one.

  3. iPø∂i$†å said:

    Thank you for your kind comments good luck with the book too, feel free to send us details so we can do a review for you. As you can see our collection for this period is a bit sparse. I believe the FIM still has results to be scanned for us for the 70’s but somebody else is our contact with the FIM but I can ask how progress is for completing the results.

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