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Whilst undertaking a recent trawl through the photo archive at Associated Press (AP) for old photos connected to the ISDT and its venues I found a couple of news reel clips which although not clearly labelled were of the ISDT. I have now added these to the video page but here is the video of the 1969 event held in Garmisch Parternkirchen, West Germany as it was then.

1969 – W Germany

A short soundless newsreel in colour found in the media archive of Associated Press

I have been able to identify the following riders who appear in the video
# Plate Number Name Nation Machine
3 Heinz Buder West Germany Zundapp
5 Stefan Pachernegg Austria Puch
6 Rudolf Jenak East Germany Simpson
289 Jaroslav Briza Czechoslovakia Jawa
290 Jim Sandiford GB Triumph
292 Johnny Giles GB Triumph
317 Kurt Distlet West Germany BMW
300 Francis Pritchard GB Husqvarna
45 Franz Dworak Austria Puch
39 Richard Wagner West Germany Hercules
19 Rolf Uhlig East Germany Simpson
84 Giainfranco Saini Italy Hercules
161 Lars Erik Johansson Sweden Husqvarna
89 Daniel Thibaut Belgium Hercules
100 Karl Reichel West Germany Hercules