This blog is re-instating the lost www home of speedtracktales.co.uk to bring it back to the internet in a permanent home with updates and improvements to the original archive. One of these benefits is that you can now again make contact with the site created by Lynn ‘Taff’ Isaacs.

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More details will be place shortly about the information but if you have any old pictures articles or thoughts or comemnts on the events, riders or machines of the old ISDT events or the more recent ISDE please do not hesitate to contact us.

All the material presented here is as a public resource. Where we credit a source we would expect the consent of that source to be obtained before reusing any images in respect to the rights holders consent. The complexity of copyright law is beyond our understanding and so if you think you hold the rights to any material here, which we have obtained from the public domain or has been passed by persons we believe to have rights to do so, please contact us to discuss if we need provide better credit for the original source, the rights holder or any other request up to and including the removal where rights exist and agreement for their retention is not possible.

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