The MZ in its original pre restoration state

Whilst googling today looking for fresh ISDT related material to add to the site I stumbled on this online article of the restoration of an ISDT MZ VTW26L by restoration genius and MZ enthusiast Peter Feilding. I do not know if this bike actually rode in the ISDT or is one of the popular replica models MZ sold that were a popular clubmans bike in the early mid 1970’s enduro scene in the UK. This bike first registered in 1972 has been with the same owner since 1975 until Peter acquired it. If anyone knows anything about this bike please tell us.

The article is an interesting read simply for its detail on the work and frustration of restoration of historic motorcycles, particulalry non british european twostrokes which were largely at the time considered to be disposable as they quickly lost their competative edge as technology improved and did not hold the same romanticism that the classic British singles and twins maintained.

You can read the article here in PDF format

For more details on Peter Fielding’s restoration projects check his website.

The restored MZ