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With so many of the British hosted ISDT’s being based in Wales, it’s no coincidence the landscape of Wales offers perfect terrain for the event. Associated to this little Principality of the United Kingdom with only 2.5 million is the sport is popular with its residents and often punches above it’s weight in national standing for its sports men. With great Trophy Team riders like Dai Jeremiah in the 70’s was the introduction of ‘national’ club teams in the ISDT by the MCC of Wales. Three of the great managers in this period were Arthur Brick, Elwyn Price and Kenny Williams. For more details check out the web site dedicated to recovering the details of the Welsh national team by former manager in the ISDE era Jeff Edwards

MCC of Wales rider and Welsh Two Day Clerk of Course with his Suzuki PE (courtesy http://www.welshsixdayteams.com)

MCC of Wales rider and popular Enduro Clerk of Course Kenny Williams with his Bultaco (image courtesy of http://www.welshsixdayteams.com)

Jeff who has for a number for years held the role of ISDE team manager for the MCC of Wales found that when looking for details on the performance and awards of an ex team rider that the Auto Cycle Union, the UK Governing body, does not retain such details for the smaller non national teams and so set out to create a website to record this information and is setting out to gather the details of the teams membership and performance. check it out here: