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As the century of ISDT approaches I would like to launch an appeal to gather as much of the lost information, photos and stories as we can gather to be exhibited in the public domain to help the riders, the families of riders, the industry and social historians to see how the technology changed as new influences impacted on the motorcycle industry and associated sport. Back in 1913 a group of British Motorcycle enthusiasts backed by the British Motorcycle Industry set otu an event over 6 days in which riders had to navigate around a series of day long courses in a test not only about the abilities of the Rider to ride a motorbike but also for maintenance and to test the bikes reliability. This Blog / Website keenly follows the history of that event from this beginning…

Photo of riders and motorcycle typical of the times , and just 1 year before the outbreak of World War 1

to this

Photo of a rider in a scene typical of its time which is the ISDT 1980. With the development of event specific motorcycles and equipment some of the rules had been adpated to suit the increased off road nature of the trial. The event changed its name from ISDT to ISDE the following year although few rules changed and the format was very much similar

As a Great Britain based website we would of course welcome any countries or riders stories of the event but we are especially hoping to get copies of the programmes, photos, start sheets or result books of the home GB based events held under the auspices of the Auto Cycle Union. Even if you are a collector wishing to keep your paper collection we would encourage you to think if you could scan to provide low resolution (but readable) printed materials or photos. The website is a tool much used by collectors to identify materials and possibly helping raise the value of those original documents held.

The GB based events we would especially like to see material from are:

Please feel free to message us here if you have any documents you would be willing to let us have access to for this site. Thank you for reading this and if you can post a link and comment on this request to any forums or web pages you frequent where others who may be able to help me can get to learn about this quest over the next 12 months leading up to the centenary.