Armistice Day 2011

There was a time that motorcycle dispatch riders proved a critical and very vulnerable link between the Brains and Fist of an Army in War. My particular wishes go out to the families of those peace time competitive motorcyclists who stood up to fight for their country but never returned from duty or were seriously injured and unable to return to their normal life.

Remembering those who gave their lives and health to protect their country

I have always strongly supported the Auto Cycle Union in the UK position in observing the importance of Armistice Day and that, in respect for our fallen colleagues, the sporting calendar is suspended for the day. The British Forces have long been a key supporter of Motorcycle Enduro Sport in the UK. As an international sport many of the competitors have had to take up arms for their country and motorcycle riders, more used to competing with each, had no choice but to taking up arms against each other.  The resulting tragedy of the loss of life is as great in all nations I would like today to share my respect with all people of all nations who have lost family and friends as a result of war and grieve for your loss with you.