I recently had a chance to review a copy of what for many in the UK is unknown film footage of the ISDT. This video is available by internet order from Audi’s online shop in Germany.


Filmed for a patriotic German Audience it gives a good overview of the preperation for the event and scrutineering. You can’t avoid the ever present Nazi troop regalia as the German Army was heavily involved in running the event as well as competing. There are several shots of great British riders such as Marjorie Cottle fettling her Triumph in Sunday best as the Trophy Team Nortons. The other bikes are often NSU, a company part of Audi, and BMW’s . There are sections featuring the German great riders of the time, there is also a section where the German head of the motorcycle sport Adolf Huhnlein gives his presentation , presumably at the event opening, in a manner you may be similar to seeing many of the senior Nazi personalities in news reels of the time.

The event takes you through typical scenery for each day with some crazy Point of View photography with the camera man hanging onto his camera standing in the back of an open top car tracking the competing riders. Although mostly on the road  with a good surface there are a few sections showing the kind of rough terrain that the event used with speeds of riders evident to show what men of Iron these racers were. there is a magnificent section filmed as the bikes cross the Grossglockner Pass the highest Road in the Alps. Finally the final days test was not a typical speed test around a motor circuit instead it was more similar to the kind of XC motocross test you get in the modern ISDT and the awards for the craziest are the sidecars who on occasions managed to clear long lengths of spectators ( of which there were hundreds) as the tried to corrrect on landing on blind jumps.

The DVD can be purchased on line here and for anybody with a keen interest in the pre war ISDT’s and the bikes its a must for you library.

Copies of the DVD can be purchased online here for a mere €12 for a 25 minute movie