We have been lucky to uncover a copy of the 7 August 1930 edition of ‘the Motor Cycle‘ that now resides in our growing ISDT collection of original archive material. Such copies of the magazines for the inter war years are getting increasingly difficult to find and when they turn up their owners normally expect substantial amounts of cash before they part with them.

The magazine has been scanned and the images are now placed in the ISDT 1930 page and is the first substantial find of material on that event was based in Grenoble then moved across Southern Central Europe criss crossing wild Alpine passes.

If you are on a device that supports Flash’ you can view the pages here at our issuu.com powered library:

We are always grateful for any offers of scanned articles from original copies of the old magazines which not only inform visitors to the site but assist in historical research into the sport of motorcycling and the ISDT