We are getting to the end of the ISDT years and by now the ISDT has become a specialist event aimed at off-road specific designed motorcycles often featuring the suspension, engine and frame technology in use in motocross only modified by slightly less travel, slightly longer wheelbases to make them more stable at speed for which bikes had wider ratio gear boxes. This was about the last year Bikes closer to the traditional big bore single and twin British Bikes that had been dominant for man years made a significant showing in the hands of a Police team although they had specialist off road frames from Dick Cheney.
Photo of #377 David Randall on Cheney Triumph 650 [PJD 18L] in Speed Test in ISDT 1976

Speedtracktales wishes to thank Marc Pétrier of FIM Information Resources who has facilitated the scanning of the FIM archive of ISDT results material and is allowing us to make it available here as a public service. Read a copy of the original Results and Stewards Report at the link below.

Download this file as a pdf

View the Stewards Report for the 1976 ISDT here

 As of yet we are still waiting for the 1977 results and if anybody has a copy please send a copy of them our way please.