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This report of the 1924 Trial was published in the magazine Motor Sport in December 1924 and shows how the event started from Liverpool and crossed across North Wales and featured many of the ISDT greats such as Miss E Foley, NPO Bradley, Marjorie Cottle, B Kershaw and FW Giles.

Photo - taken from ;Motor Sport' article from Dec 1924 shows well known Liverpool Motoring specialist Victor Horsman

Photo – taken from ‘Motor Sport‘ article from Dec 1924 shows well known Liverpool Motoring specialist Victor Horsman

The Reliance Cup Trial of the Liverpool Motor Club.

As usual the Reliance Cup Trial proved to be one of the outstanding events of the sporting season now rapidly drawing to a close. The course followed was from Liverpool to the Vale of Llangollen and back, including such important sections as the Colonial portion from Boundary Stone to Cilcain, Maes-y-Safn, Allt-y-Bady, Bryn-Eglwys and Bodfari.

The Shotton watersplash reached within a few minutes of the start was the first observed point. Most of the sidecar machines got through without any trouble and of the soloists only C. H. Fox appeared to be in trouble, apparently through skidding. Some little difficulty was encountered after descending Old Horse Shoe and in passing through a farmyard and woodland path near Pentore-Dwr where, as a result of insufficient marking, several riders went astray. Wade, for example, on a 799 A.J.S. and sidecar, got about two miles out of his course before discovering that he was wrong. A couple of watersplashes which had to be negotiated before entering Llangollen caused trouble to W. Edwards (798 Raleigh and sidecar), H. J. Marston (348 A.J.S.) and Miss Cottle (348 Raleigh).

After lunch, which was taken at Llangollen, several competitors were found to be missing, including G. Dance (495 Sunbeam), G. Hollowell (348 A.J.S. and sidecar), S. Parker (799 A.J.S. and sidecar), E. W. Hodge (998 Brough Superior), J. E. Wade (348 A.J.S.), Miss E. Foley (499 Triumph), N. Brey (499 Triumph), J. Spencer (732 Brough Superior and sidecar), J. J. Chipman (490 Norton) and S. Dowered (349 Matador). In the majority of cases it was discovered that the absence of these competitors was due to minor causes such as sump plug, slight clutch trouble or brake failure.

Allt-y-Bady was the first difficult stretch to be encountered after the lunch stop and it was in a particularly bad state. In the event it accounted for a great many failures. Outstanding performances were made by F. T. Sibley on a 346 Rudge, R. L. Galloway (348 c.c. Black), Dwarf (Bradshaw), Giles (348 A.J.S. and sidecar), H. J. Marston (348 A.J.S.) had trouble in having to avoid the many failures which strewed the hill.

A perfect climb was made by C. H. Fox (557 c.c. B.S.A.), while Bert Kershaw (Cotton-Barr and Stroud) touched only once and that for a very short time. Other good ascents were made by F. W. Viles (399 c.c. Raleigh), E. Damadien (550 Triumph), H. J. Willis (346 Montgomery) and S. A. Crabtree (348 Raleigh). In the finish the following riders checked in.

SIDECARS.—H. Gibson (798 Raleigh), G. Harvey (346 Rudge), W. Channing (346 Rudge), F. T. Sibley (346 Rudge), H. Cook (732 Sunbeam), R. L. Galloway (348 B.D-Bradshaw), 0. Wade (799 A.J.S.), W. Edwards (798 Raleigh), N. P. 0. Bradley (599 Sunbeam), E. F. Dackers (624 Quadrant), F. W. Giles (348 A.J.S.), and H. Roberts (596 New Hudson).

SOLO MACHINES.—H. C. Marston (348 A.J.S.), W. J. Kellett (499 Sunbeam), C. H. Fox (557 B.S.A.), L. K. Ward (348 Raleigh), N. C. Sclater (499 Triumph), E. L. Boston (348 A.J.S.), P. G. Thomason (398 A.B.C.), L. Crisp (349 Humbert), G. E. Addinsell (349 Dot-Bradshaw), B. Kershaw (349 Cotton-B. and S.), Marjorie Cottle (348 Raleigh), H. G. Grassby (349 B.S.A.), F. W. Viles (399 Raleigh), E. Damadien (550 Triumph), W. Brockbank (492 Sunbeam), H. J. Willis (349 Montgomery), J. W. Jones (349 Ivy), S. A. Crabtree (348 Raleigh), J. G. Muir (346 Zenith), J. Howard Davies (492 Sunbeam), R. Leicester (399 Raleigh), L. Randles (492 Sunbeam), P. F. G. Bradley (492 Sunbeam), C. Edge (499 Sunbeam), H. Poole (348 A. J .S.), W. H. Hadfield (348 Raleigh), G. Warbrick (499 Sunbeam), A. I. Wynne Williams (486 Scott), F. E. Nash (596 Scott), J. H. Simpson (348 A.J.S.), G. W. Lowe (498 Scott), H. Hesketh, jun. (348 Raleigh), J. B. Clegg (490 Norton), H. Leigh (499 Sunbeam),H. G. Thomas (349 Montgomery), S. 011erhead (346 Dot-Jap), F. R. Marston (550 Triumph).

The Reliance Cup for the best performance of the day was awarded to F. W. Viles ; the Burns Amateur Cup, for the best performance by an amateur (Private Owner) to L. Randles ; the Butterworth Trophy, for the best performance by a Liverpool Club member, resident within twenty miles of Liverpool, to H. Gibson ; the Mogridge Memorial Cup, for the best performance of a Liverpool Club Member who served in His Majesty’s Forces during the late War, to B. Kershaw, and the Wembley Trophy, for the best performance on a passenger machine, by a Liverpool Club member residing within twenty miles of Liverpool, went to H. Roberts. Gold Medals went to eight who finished with 95 marks or over, and Silver Medals to seventeen, with 85 or over.