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I have been slowly sifting through the images found over xmas on the Stilltime Collection website having built a database so I can collect all the details the images allow and then linking those facts to information we hold across the site on the people bikes and places. The image below of a group of men taken around two of their motorbikes including a Matchless and Triumph with a UK Vehicle Registration MX 621 makes it is likely these are part of the British contingent at the event and has been identified as being taken at the ISDT 1935.

British riders with Matchless and Triumph 500 BMX 621 at ISDT 1935

British riders with Matchless and Triumph 500 [BMX 621] with Irish racer and owner Robert Cecil Yeates at ISDT 1935

link to image at stilltimecollection.co.uk Obviously all dedicated British ISDT enthusiasts and if anyone can help identify any of the persons in the photo we would be so grateful.

I am very grateful to the great granddaughter of RC Yeates, Jessica Fraser who helped with the identification of the rider and the bike’s owner. RC Yeates rode under a Motorcycle Union of Ireland license for Ireland on a Triumph 495. His race number was #223. Although loosing only 2 points on day 1 and 1 on day 3, Robert retired at the end of day 4 despite loosing no points that day. Robert appeared for the Irish Vase team in the Welsh based events of the ISDT 1937 and ISDT 1938 where further images can be found of him.

Whilst googling on the internet for BMX 621 by chance we found that a log book for the bike still existed from 1937 for the bike was recently sold on eBay which indicates the bike was first registered  13th April 1935

Image - log book for Triumph 500 BMX 621 - front

Image – log book for Triumph 500 BMX 621 – front

Image - log book for Triumph 500 BMX 621 - rear

Image – log book for Triumph 500 BMX 621 – rear

The Bike given a model ID 5/10 had the frame No. F2910 and engine No. 10/55/4 The results list the GB entered Triumphs as #4 – H S Perrey 549cc – Factory Entry #45 – J Robbins 249cc – Factory Entry #179 – A Jefferies 493cc – Factory Entry #212 – J M Allen 493cc – private entry #223 – RC Yeates 493cc – MCUI #235 – JH Preen 493cc – private entry #246 – AA Sanders 493cc – private entry If anybody reading this can help provide more information on the history of BMX 621 we would love to hear from you.