STT editor recently had a trip out to Valasian Alps on the Southern Swiss border with Italy. Arriving at Genéve was followed by a train ride along the northern shore of Lake Genéve through Lausanne, Montreaux, Aigle and at Martigny I realised this was more or less the reverse of the final closing stages of the ISDT 1929 which had begun in Munich and finished in Genéve.

image - scanned copy of route map ISDT 1929

image – scanned copy of route map ISDT 1929

The only map I have of the course is a poor low-resolution copy taken from an old copy of the original programme. The results which were prepared by the Federation Internationals de Clubs Motorcyclistes (FICM) who when they were still based in Pall Mall, London the then offices of the Auto Cycle Union (ACU) within the Royal Automobile Club. The results do not include details of where the checkpoints were and the low resolution of the map in the programme makes it difficult to enlarge and get any clarity so am resigned to simply listing the general flow of the event for now based on squinting at the pixelated text and staring at a google map of Central Europe. The route starts in familiar territory of the ISDT events of the 30’s which featured Garmisch Partenkirchen but then drift into unknown territory linked only by known place names. If anyone can help with a more detailed route map or itinerary I would be very grateful.


GERMANY – Munich – ? – Parternkirchen – AUSTRIA – ? – Steeg – Lech – Flexen Pass –  Feldkirch – Vaduz – SWITZERLAND – Sargans – Glarus – Altdorf – Andermatt – Faido – Biasca – Bellinzona – ? – Locarno – ITALY – ? – Ivrea – Verres – Chatillon – Aosta – FRANCE – Borg St Maurice –  Moutiers – ? – Annecy – SWITZERLAND – Martigny – Lausanne – Geneve.

photo – four riders, one Sheperd #126 on a Scott sidecar, Steel #128 Brough Superior, Miss Herbet #122 Douglas and Mortimer #129 P&M Panther possibly passing along the Flexen Pass ISDT 1929 (Stilltimecollection)