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I would like to thank Jay Fichialos a follower of this site from Utah in the USA and who is a keen ISDT Collector and historian who found this video posted on Youtube by a Triumph fan who holds the original 16mm film which appears to be a collection of Triumph orientated material possibly originating from the factory which has now been added to our ISDT Tube page of event videos found on the internet.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiXryx56yTo]

Our thanks for this video goes out to Keith Cockayne a member of the Manchester branch of the Triumph Motorcycle Club for sharing his original 16mm home movie film taken in the early 60’s at the Triumph Motorcycle factory in Coventry featuring original shots of classic motorcycles and cars of the period including Edward Turner with a group of riders on their Bonnevilles in front of the factory.


Pure Triumph Nostalgia from the 60’s which finishes with 4 minutes of the ISDT 1961 starting at Llandrindod Wells and shows many riders including the following:

#53 J Konczarek SHL 173 Poland
#55 L Muller Hercules 175 W Germany
#121 FR Selling 248 Greeves Holland
#125 Driver CJ Cullen 199 Triumph GB
#171 DH Brooker 246 Greeves GB
#173 JA Sandiford 250 BSA GB
#178 W Autkthun 250 Maico W Germany
#201 IA Hillier 246 Greeves GB
#221 LJ Lawrence 200 Ducati GB
#236 O Hamrsmid 350 Jawa (Works) Czech
#268 BD Piggott 348 Matchless GB
#273 J Giles 500 Triumph GB
#280 RJ May 497 Matchless GB
#284 CG Moram 497 AJS GB
#287 GS Blakeway 490 Triumph GB
#294 Bud Ekins 650 Triumph USA
#292 BA Nash 497 AJS GB

If you spot any I’ve missed please let me know