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From my early days riding in events, Dot and Jim Jones have always been an important part of the UK enduro scene both as riders, helpers and often importers of motorbikes most notably Moto Gori.

Dot and Jim who were responsible for organising the ISDT centenary Rally held in 2013 in Carlisle to celebrate the 100 years since the first ISDT have attended many ISDT events and are most familiar to UK team riders for their support to British National and Club team riders. Dot gathered a lot of unique material she had collected and recently produced a movie of her experiences at the ISDT 1975, which held in the Isle of Man. In addition to a lot of home movie footage Dot has added a very informative commentary detailing the background to the event, the persons involved in running it and other details of many of the local riders I knew as a youth around the North Wales and Merseyside area. Hopefully Dot will make more of her memories of the event available for the world community of ISDT fans