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I am grateful to our readerStewart Ellison who drew my attention to this excellent photo taken of #52 Miss E Foley with her Triumph 499cc ohv alongside #64 Miss L Ball James 499cc.

Vintage Photographs of Women and Motorcycles (21).jpg

#52 Miss E Foley 499c Triumph with #64 Miss L Ball James 499cc [DM4687] at Brooklands circuit ISDT 1925

The press results published on our ISDT 1925 page tells us this was the only Triumph entered that year in what was a strong representation of British entrants and was forced to retire on the final day of Saturday at the Speediest at Brooklands. Foley , we are told was ‘A Game rider with plenty of dash and endurance” but she had failed on the technical sections at Beggars Roost, Fingle Bridge and Alms but had made a magnificent recovery from an awkward incident on Bushcombe.

Miss L Ball who finished with a gold medal produced ‘the most outstanding performance of the trial”. Without loosing a single point all week had excelled at Bushcombe and Alms, and had not been in any serious difficulty on any of the hills.