Thanks to Brian Catt for spotting and sharing a classic video of a major Italian Enduro that was held in Bergamo in 1964, the same year as the ISDT in E Germany that many still relate to the participation of a US team with Steve McQueen

The event was held by the Moto Club Bergamo a well known and respected motor cycle club. The following article was created by a direct translation by Google Translate and we thank the Moto Club Bergamo and hope you enjoy the videos.

Generations of fans, not only from Bergamo, have lived VALLI as an epic, generations of public administrators have applied for, desired, cajoled as a guarantee flower for tourism development to be celebrated in the municipal councils, parishes, in the newspapers.

generations of technicians have observed drawing useful information for the development of mountain roads. Generations of conductors have experienced from passing the “roadmap” to the children and perhaps even grandchildren.
Generations of presidents and councilors of loyal fans to have organized the Moto Club Bergamo, built, celebrated, cherished and defended.

The VALLI outright is not a game that is renewed every Sunday, is not an episode of competitive excellence, is a bit ‘a morganatic wife, who gave and still, innocently, sorrow and melancholy in many wives and many girlfriends.

Until 10 of July 4, 1948, in hard economic times, the overall poverty, with on the doorstep yet the misery of the war years, then the seat of the Savoy Café Moto Club Bergamo, saw the start of the first edition of VALLEYS, President Mino Baracchi, and ended after 257 km in Ponte Nossa, after covering the Taleggio Valley and the Passo del Vivione. Few conductors, motion between the different type and age of sweaters and jackets and military surplus boots, helmets or hard hats from the most diverse styles, to boot. Val Taleggio, the Passo del Vivione gravelled, dusty, isolated, truly places the horde. No one would have thought then that the fervent work, the will of the rescue would lead the economy, the viability, technological civilization to the wonders of today.

In 1950 started from Bergamo, the VALLEYS ended in San Pellegrino after two days of fierce duels, for the first time, on the trail that leads to Selvino Cornalba and that of Polaveno.
For the first time was touched the province of Brescia, traversed Iseo, Polaveno, Gardone Valtrompia, climbed the Passo Croce Domini, memories of World War II.

The Masserini, the Dall’Ara, the Oldrati, the Tura, the Maffettini, the Manzoni, the Rovaris, the Somaschini, the Reguzzi, the Ferrario, held sway for experience and skills and have overlooked the limelight young and new drivers, organizers, collaborators with the head … Peri ever.
From the streets to the first mountains, the first paths, the true off-road.

In 1954, mayors, pastors, presidents of pro-loco kept coming to ask the Moto Club Bergamo to elevate to the dignity of stage or intertappa countries, villages or parishes of the Bergamo mountains, and then VALLI was divided into four stages, with locations AC ‘S: Marco, Clusone, Lovere and S. Pellegrino: the night stage Nembro – Selvino the light of thousands of torches was an appeal and an absolute novelty.
The edition of 1955 multiplied efforts, the difficulty of the route, the duration to three days, divided into eight stages, concluding in Selvino, touching Ca ‘San Marco, Vilminore, Valbondione, Gazzaniga, then early exploration on land, river crossings, very next to orobiche peaks. 1956 was the year of the ascent to the Rifugio Calvi and the conclusion in Piazzatorre.

Bergamo becomes the hotbed of regularity, the Moto Club Bergamo fastened Sodalizi relationships with other Europeans, President Reda succeeded Baracchi and Mazza, breaking through the inertia and in 1959 rose to the status VALLI open rehearsal European conductors, for the first time bringing conductors and enthusiasts to Forcolino of Torcole of Piazzatorre, and above all experiencing, for the position of the Bureau of F: M: I: special acceleration and braking tests, ford passage, pure acceleration, uphill on rough terrain.

From year to year the stubbornness of Bergamo, led by Maffettini, the unforgettable Levo and Reggiani Duccio, by Foresti, led by veterans from Saini, increased, with the number of fans, the difficulties multiplied collaborative efforts with Gilera, the Guzzi, the Aeromeze, Bianchi, the Parilla, the Morini, succeeded in commitments to Rumi, the Mi.Val, the Devil.
In 1963 he climbed Mount Poieto and conductors authentic gave chills to the hundreds of spectators in the descent of the note track skiers, as long as in 1968, in the light, discovered the tracks and suffered, Bergamo demonstrated its legitimacy to be worthy home of the “International Six days” by S. Pellegrino.

The history of recent decades is known to all and needs no illustration.
The VALLI in 1969 he abandoned his capacity as Italian championship trial in the individual general classification, to take over the much more challenging and important test of the European Championship of Regularity with a classification by classes: under it has found worthy to remember for years figure Levo and Duccio Reggi

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