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You can of course add you comments on the bottom of particular pages but if you wish to contact us to offer material or clear up the many questions we have been asking about the images please add them here.

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  1. A new era is embarked upon what I only started was a basic of the ISDT, watching what Adrian is assembling so well is an absolute delight, I enjoy what I see growing, well done,

    • Jon Matthews said:

      Hi Lynn,
      Have you seen this

      1m33 seconds is rider #177 Ivor Smart..
      If the link doesn’t work, type 1970 isdt into You tube and you will spot it.
      Kind regards and many thanks for setting up this brilliant site

  2. Geoff McGladdery said:

    I have watched with great pleasure as this site has grown. It is now a great resource for anyone interested in the ISDT.
    I am privileged to be the owner of an original genuine ‘oily rag’ 1950 TR5 Triumph Trophy. There were only 305 of these made in the 1950 model year, with very few staying in the UK, so original matching numbers bikes are fairly rare. As there were so few, it made sense for Triumph to ensure that these bikes went to eminentpromising competitors – a useful and relatively cheap marketing exercise. It was also the most expensive bike in the Triumph catalogue for 1950, which would deter anyone without competition in mind.

    Everything says the bike should have a competition history, but sadly it has, so far, proved impossible to find any. The only known fact is that the bike was despatched by the factory to Redhill Motors of Brighton on March 2nd 1950. Research at the East Sussex Records Office shows that Redhill Motors registered a ‘Triumph’ (no other details) on 3rd April 1950 – Reg. No KUF 127 and another on June 5th 1950 – KUF 328. The records of subsequent log book changes have been lost and the DVLA confirm that no details exist on their database and the number has not been re-issued. Does anyone know anything about this bike or can anyone suggest where I might continue the research? Any scrap of information would be helpful.

    I would be delighted to hear from anyone on

    • Rob Thornton said:

      Geoff, there are still a few survivors of the Brighton & District MCC which was the main sporting club in the area. Unfortunately, the ones who would remember that far back are long gone. However, I will ask around. The last remaining branch of Redhill Motors has now closed, the last owner being a Mr Brown. I have no idea if they retained sales records as some dealers did. Sorry I can’t be more helpful. Rob

      • Geof McGladdery said:

        Thanks for the offer – anything which helps me find more of the history of this bike would be warmly welcomed

  3. iPø∂i$†å said:

    Thanks Geoff for your gracious praise and I hope we can help reunite your fantastic machine with its history in the history of Reliability Trials and hopefully ISDT use

  4. graziano candidori said:

    thanks … great looking websites
    I would like to report an error ….
      BMW on the page dedicated to the Six-Day 1973, with the number 208 has nothing to do with the samples used in that race, because it is a “Schek” of 1978, thank you.
    Also if you are interested, I own the photos on the Laverda 125 4str factory run by Paolo Cozzi (ISDT San Pellegrino Italy 1968)
    let me know if and how to send-it to you
    Thanks Graziano Candidori
    Siena Italy

    • iPø∂i$†å said:

      Thanks for your appreciation Graziano I am glad you enjoy the site and if you can help us with either images or perhaps putting in a few explanations about the site in Italian so non english speaking Italians can understand how to use the site that would be wonderful. The changes you recommend have been made,

  5. Jon Matthews said:

    Hi, I have recently completed the restoration of a 175 Bultaco MK2 Matador that was ridden by Irish Vase team rider Davie Andrews in the 1966 ISDT. This particular machine was built by the factory purely for this event, the other Irish team riders rode the standard 250 version.
    If you are interested I would like to send you a photograph of this machine plus more information.
    Many thanks


  6. Rob Thornton said:

    Geoff, Is it that you don’t know the original registration of your bike and are looking for the same model registered in Brighton at the time it was delivered to Redhills? That is what I am assuming. I know of one person who worked at Redhill’s back in the 70’s who may know if they retained any records. I have some B&DMCC material in the loft which I will look through. I can supply you with a nice new metal club badge if you ever want to associate the bike with the club! Rob

  7. Geof McGladdery said:

    I don’t know for certain what the bike’s reg no is, but my research points strongly to it being KUF 127 or possibly KUF 382. both of these bikes were Triumphs registered by Redhill at the right time.
    If you are interested to see more, including pictures, please contact me by email – and I can send you anything you need. I would be grateful for any information and I like the idea of the B&DMCC badge. Let me know how to pay for it.
    Thanks again

  8. thanks … great looking websites
    my english ist not good….. excuse me
    pleas can you help me… I own an Motorcycle MAS ( Motocicli Alberico Seiling) 244 ccm, build in the year 1932-1934 i think. Frame Nr. 28090 Motor Nr. 28090.
    Have you any Information of this Bike ?

    Thank you verry much

  9. Jim Jones said:

    Hi, As part of the Big Bike Rally Challenge I am organising a four day forestry rally and ride of the first days route of day one of the 1913 ISDT. Info has just been posted in over one hundred mags and websites worldwide. Go to to view it.
    Carlisle City Council will be producing the programme and wish to know if the photographs you show for the 1913 are copyright. They may want to use them in the programme. If you wish to be kept up to date with press releases please advise. Jim

    • iPø∂i$†å said:

      Hi Jim nice to hear from you. I would need to track down the original donors who gave the images to Taff Isaacs the ones credited to Mortons will have the publishing rights rest with them.

    • iPø∂i$†å said:

      Jim I have added a post on the site blog based on the Enduro News article and would welcome any more details you can give me now or in the future and we will give it prominence.

      When I bumped into you at Froncysllte this summer at the Olympic Torch parade Dot mentioned she had converted some of your old ISDT Super 8 material into a digital format and she mentioned getting back about our accessing it. We have a lot of followers who are owners of classic bikes hoping to get material of the bikes they now own and we are always keen to get access to any ISDT material.

      • I need help ……
        Find a photo of the 1933 ISDT race number 28.35 and 40
        Three MAS Motorcycles

        Thank you very much

      • Hi, I lost your details after seeing you at the Torch. The Centennial Ride is looking good but we need at least one sidecar to enter. The first bike away will be a 1913 Campion 4hp and the last a 2013 Sardinia KTM. So 100 years of ISDT/E bikes on show. On Saturday night August 17th there is a natter night at the Swallow Hotel in Carlisle. Tickets on sale £15 to include a buffet. We want people to bring along memorablia, photos, posters and films.

  10. iPø∂i$†å said:

    Roland, Thanks for the request. I have added the details to the page dedicated to the 1933 ISDT

  11. Patrick Slinn said:

    Please, when will you have a programe for the ISDT centenial celebrations ?. Some of us because of commitments have to plan very early.

    • iPø∂i$†å said:

      Patrick I will get details on here for all the centenary events, there are likely to be at least 3 opportunities in the Lake District.

  12. Great site. I have collected a grat number of photos from relaitives to the one Norwegian team in ISDT 1923.
    Contact me at if any further info is needed.

    • iPø∂i$†å said:

      Sven will definitely be in touch shortly to discuss using your material to improve the feature on this ISDT thanks.

  13. Here is a pic from ISDT in 24, the British team;



  14. Here is another great picture from the start in 23 at the stadium in Stockholm;

  15. One more picture from the 1923 ISDT, here is Christinus Vaumund from Norway on his beloved Triumph 500cc. Picture is from Christinus own albums covering both the 1923 and the 24 ISDT where he participated.

  16. John Tinley said:

    Just thought I would let you know the photo of George Rowley’s bike FXM 791 in the 1933 ISDT is actually his 1939 bike. The registration was not issued until June 1939. Great site, keep up the good work. John

  17. Hi Adrian I have 3 good 30’s ISDT Pics for u, kindly get back to me soonest for them, yr address unclear Lynn aka Taff

  18. Greate sides. If you are interested, I own some official papers from 1937-1939 and could do a scan. Years ago, I bought the abatement from Rudi Seltsam and there are existing photoalbums from 1937 or 38. In my collection are parts of the abatements from Ernst Henne and Toni Bauhofer aswells Mr. Marx and Ilse Thouret.

    • iPø∂i$†å said:

      Friedrich thank you very much for your message. I would be happy to use and share with those interested in the ISDT anything you are willing to share especially connected to the Welsh Events

  19. Patrick Slinn said:

    Please can I have the email address for the organizer of the ISDT centenial to be held in Carlisle during August.

  20. Keith Randle said:

    Hi Lynn. I know you have past my email addy on to bill buckley but ive not had a response from him maybe he doesn’t want get in contact with me but if you could very kindly tell him that iam thinking of riding the centenary isdt this year and maybe hookup together and see what we can do to help each other out.; many thanks Keith r.

  21. For losts of photos check out facebook page isdt/e 100 years where I have albums of some of my ISDT photos. I have thousands more!

  22. G R Houghton said:

    My Father was John “J B” Houghton. He died aged 83 this summer just gone . He was the only member of the James works team to finish the 1958 ISDT ( on 0 marks lost with a Gold ) . I have the medal and also a few photos of him from the event which I could scan and send to you if you want them .

    • iPø∂i$†å said:

      George I am very sorry to learn this news about your Dad it is a terrible loss to all of us. We would be pleased to feature any memorabilia of him you care to share as a tribute to his riding days.

  23. Hi, I have just put the competition plates on one of my renovated 1975 MZ G5 ISDT Replicas, rare as rocking horse doo dah these days, I can take a photo if you would like one for your gallery ?

  24. Sehr schöne informative Seite!!!

    Ich suche Bilder von O.D. bei den Six Days!

    Gruß! Thomas Beutel

  25. Ian Leslie said:

    I am Ian Leslie, a son J.A.McL Leslie. He was a member of the Rudge Team who won the Silver Vase at the 1936 ISDT. I have some scanned photos of my father Jack, with his Rudge (217) and with his team mates R MacGregor and J. C Edward. Also a picture of his gold medal (as well as some other pics that may be of interest including one I believe to be of Ernst J Henne). What is the best way to include these images on this web site?

  26. Hallo. The ISDT trophy/sculpture from the 1948 ISDT in Italy displayed on your site, is a photograph I took from my collection. Could you tell me where you found the image. Best regards. Jim

    • iPø∂i$†å said:

      Hi Jim. Sadly I do not know the answer to that, that image is part of the original site that was produced by Taff. he abandoned that site over 3 years ago and it was archived until I restored it into this site last year. It is possible Taff either saw it on the web or one his helpers sent ti to him. I have been trying where I can to locate originals sources and give due credit. Are you happy if we continue to use it and how can I give you appropriate credit as the owner of the photo and the object?

  27. Ian Leslie said:

    Sorry for the delay. I have been using speedtarcktales web site to improve the accuracy of the pictures. In common with lots of other people, my Dad was not good at writing helpful info on the back of his photos. So some detective work is required on my behalf to establish Who, Where and When! I used the list of riders available on the web site to determine his rider number and result for each of the years 1934-1938. Now I can use his rider number to identify the year and location. I don’t seem to have photos of the 1937 and 1938 trials in Wales; we do have his Gold and Silver medals though. I have almost everything ready to send you. Give me a few days, a week at most. Regards

  28. thomas Beutel said:

    Hallo ich suche Bilder von den Six-Days von 1932 von der Startnummer 101 (Gespann), 1934 Startnummer 70 (Solo), 1935 Startnummer 110 (Solo).
    Es handelt sich um die Motorradmarke O.D.(Ostner Dresden).
    Vielleicht kann jemand helfen!

    Gruß Thomas

  29. Good Morning,
    I tried to download ISDT 1970 stewarts report, but I always get an error message:{“error”:{“code”:”generalException”,”message”:”General Exception While Processing”}}

    Some years ago I downloaded other years, that worked well,
    I would be interested in the reports of ISDT 1969 – 1972

    Thank you for your help,

    • speedtracktales said:

      There has been a problem with Microsoft cloud corrupting the pdfs so they will not open they will need re-scanning

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