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Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, come inside come inside.

The ‘Great Escape’ as it was known amongst UK ISDT fans, possibly the ‘Great Escape 2’ to those who are most familiar also with the events around the ISDT 1914, is one of the iconic events in the international off-road motorcycle reliability series dedicated to testing motorcyclist and motorcycle endurance where they did not expect machines to excel for a mere continuous 24 hours but a full 6 days to test their mechanical stamina and that of the riders mounted on them. You will find an embedded copy of the video down underneath the below photo of a British Norton.

Norton ISDT 1939

image- frame clipped from the NSU promotional movie of a British team Norton ISDT 1939

For a number of years http://www.audi.de through their online shop have been selling videos based on a promotional movie made for their NSU motorcycle marque that lies as part of the original Volkswagen Audi AG company heritage. In recent years they have continued to promote this heritage of the NSU brand by distribution of media material on their online store, which we linked to in our blog post here. However, we sadly noted recently that they are no longer listing availability of the DVD for the 1939 event for ISDT fans to purchase meaning it is no longer available. After some thought I have decided that in the interest of research and education into historic off road motorcycling and ISDT events that our own copy of the video should become a public resource up until any time in the future Audi.de decide to market this video again.

Therefore STT can announce the availability, for the moment, of this important memory of an ISDT event nearly 80 years ago… yes that’s nearly as old as my dear old mum….. sit back and be amazed at what these bikes could do in the hands of the expert riders of those days

I would welcome if anyone is able to identify and name every rider they spot by entrant number and name and post it here as a bit of crowd source content I would be happy to produce a cast list on this page helping family of those here to discover their family heritage in the ISDT

The entry list can be found here

Tyre Change ISDT 1939

Photo – unknown rider changing tyre ISDT 1939