We will not be forgetting that as in 2013 we are commemorating the 100th anniversary of the first ISDT held in Carlisle, England that this year Italy will be the host nation for the ISDE this year in Sardinia starting 30 September.

The organisers have kindly posted on line via issuu.com the official programme as a full colour electronic document which not only provides helpful route maps, lists of entrants and teams but a lot of background to past ISDT events with it being the 100th year as well as a complete list up to date of International Trophy / World Trophy winners for every year the event was held.

view the programme here


Also may we wish our National teams success in this years event. We are being represented by the following riders

World Trophy Team – Great Britain

  • #80 Jason Thomas E1 KTM 250 4st
  • #81 Jamie Lewis E2 Honda 450 4st
  • #82 Daryl Bolter E2 KTM 4st
  • #83 Lee Edmondson E2 Beta 250 2st
  • #84 Tom Sagar E2 KTM 450 4St
  • #85 Jordan Rose E3 TM300 2st

Junior World Trophy – Great Britain

  • #86 Steve Holcomb E1 KTM 250 4st
  • #87 Jack Rowland E1 Husqvarna 250 4st
  • #88 Jamie McCanney E2 Husaberg 250 2st
  • #89 Danny McCanney E3 GasGas 300 2st

British Club Teams

  • Army MCA
  • Scottish ACU – Team Scotland
  • SMCC – Isle of Man
  • St Georges
  • MCC Wales A
  • MCC Wales B
  • Witley 1
  • Witley 2

British Club Teams ISDE2013 British Club Teams Pt 2 ISDW2013

Of particular note in one of the US club teams I see Jeff Fredette is entered who by now must be in modern times one of the riders to compete for the longest period. He won Gold medals in the ISDT 1979 and again in ISDT 1980 Well done Jeff have a great ride.. If anyone spots any other old timers from the past let me know so we can give them a shout out.

Jeff Fredette in the AMA Hall of Fame

#514 Tullio Pellegrinelli first rode the ISDT in 1984, this is his 10th

The Official Website of the ISDE 2013 Sardinia http://fim-isde2013.com