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When I restarted Taff’s site, all I had to begin with was a website copied to a harddisk drive that I had been able to download in its entirety from his old server. Since then I have been greatly helped by Taff and his friends like ‘STB’ and Brian Catt. Between gifts , loans and acquisitions I have been able to get back to the original hard copy material and started to scan to archive these materials so as to enable people to access and view this material at what ever time and place suits their convenience. Below is an image of some of the material I now control that may be one of the most intact archives of the Event even considering the FIM and National Federations material.

The Speedtracktales Collection 2013

The Speedtracktales Collection 2013

I am now hoping that this resource might find a wider use than meeting my own limited needs. I have noticed reading through the copies of the Motor Cycle press, they cover a wide range of the sport and include articles adverts and other features of the time that may be of interest to other researchers today including classic marques and events such as the TT. Much of the collection is now available as scanned images on STT articles or as viewable PDF files available either via Microsoft’s Skydrive or issuu.com. I am only restricted in the speed of publishing by the time available to scan edit and prepare materials.

Because these magazines also contain a lot of other details that may be of interest to non ISDT researchers such as the ISDT I would like to make the rest of them accessible and have decided to offer a new service which if successful will hopefully cover future costs of acquiring new collection materials. I have now listed the collection of original magazine material I control and whilst the material placed on this site is watermarked and produced at low resolution to save storage space, if anybody wants copies of material, I am now offering a scanning service to supply copies of adverts, pages, or entire articles. All money raised in this endeavour will only be used to provide funds by which to purchase items connected to the ISDT as they become available.

You will find a list of the printed materials, with date and issue numbers, that is held here

For an A4 scan at low res (72dpi) straightened and cropped to page edges 1- 4 pages £1.00 / sheet 5 – 10 pages £0.75 / sheet

Sample image - 72 dpi

Sample image – 72 dpi (Speedtracktales collection)

For A4 scan at mid res (150 dpi) straightened and cropped to page edge 1 – 4 pages £1.50 / sheet 5 – 10 pages £1.25 / sheet

Sample image - 150 dpi

Sample image – 150 dpi (Speedtracktales collection)

For an A4 scan at hi res (300 dpi) straightened and cropped to page edges 1- 4 pages £2.00 / sheet 5 – 10 pages £1.75 / sheet

Sample image - 300dpi (Speedtracktales collection)

Sample image – 300dpi (Speedtracktales collection)

Image files will be supplied as JPG , Tiff, or PDF

All ISDT articles will be watermarked https://speedtracktales.wordpress.com along the lowest edge. Non ISDT material will be free of watermark. Pages will be supplied as scanned, no blemishes or artifacts will be removed. The scanning will be done via A4 or A3 hi res flat bed scanners (not multi-function devices) and the files processed on Apple Macs. Corrective editing of images can be provided if required.

If you are interested in having digital copies made of our original material for your own research, please not we are not providing a license to re-publish the material and if you want further details please complete the form below