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I have today been proud again to step into the shoes of the Clerk of the Course for the Powys Enduro which ran today for the 40th time since 1974. This event remains an almost unique classic unequalled in the UK Enduro Scene not just by its age but that it rides in one big 120 mile loop which features some of the greatest typical Enduro suited terrain that is found in Wales and possibly Europe. The event started back in the day of the ISDT and parts of it still follow or cross sections of the old route of past ISDT’s. Entry numbers are limited to the 180 max set by UK Law that controls Motor Sports events on highways and entries still sell out in a matter of days. Most of the UK’s great Enduro riders can trace this event as part of their early career and it still attracts many riders who keep this as one of the events they have to fit in a years calendar. Now sponsored by National Logistics company Cadwallader Limited a company whose directors regularly ride in the event and pick up trophies as well as medals. I hope this event can find a way to steer itself through the increasing constraints of legislative change to give future riders a chance to test their skill against often the worse that nature can throw at them.

Photo - A rider competing in the Powys Enduro crosses the road from Llanwrin to Machlwyd at Aberangell, part of the route past ISDT's took to reach the Bwlch y Groes which is a couple of miles away

Photo – A rider competing in the Powys Enduro crosses the road from Llanwrin to Mallwyd at Aberangell, part of the route past ISDT’s took to reach the Bwlch y Groes which is a couple of miles away

Video taken today of rider Tony Gush at Check 6 Powys Enduro 2014. His uncle, Keith, won the event in 1977 and has competed in the ISDT. Tony himself won a number of Powys Enduros and has competed for Wales in the ISDT.

Past Winners of the Powys Enduro

Year Overall Clubmen Sidecar
1974 V Madeley
1975 S Ellis D Loney J Clarke / J Wall
1976 R Knight P Robson
1977 K Gush C Lynch T Batts / N Robbins
1978 A Zembruzuski D Hethrington G Greenland / P Whitlock
1979 G Jones F Kinlan R Budd / M Turner
1980 G Jones J Whitell-Williams G Greenland / P Whitlock
1981 G Jones C Williams G Greenland / N Moores
1982 Gareth Jones J Jones N Georges / M Morgan
1983 A Zembruzuski J Davies M Oakley / E Hiscock
1984 G Jones P Woods G Morgan / E Hiscock
1985 W Hughes P Sagar D Ramplee / S Gray
1986 G Jones T Cummings P Sparkes / R Tuck
. . . Expert S/Car Clubmen S/car
1987 G Jones J Petley R Ferguson / W Williams D Cooper / R Hughes
1988 G Jones A Davies R Ferguson / W Williams P Pesterfield / G West
1989 G Jones A Yates R Ferguson / W Williams G Jones / A Williams
Championship Expert
1990 G Jones S Evans J Gittins A Wooller / M Wooller G Jones / A Williams
1991 A Smith G Berryman B Richardson G Bowden / F Manning S Rogers / A Stone
1992 G Jones D Bayliss T Gush G Jones / A Williams J Heywood / Jeffries
1993 P Edmondson N Williams K Isaac P Pelling / S Kemp S Barnett / I Barnett
1994 W Hughes S Griffiths K Isaac G Jones / A Williams R Nevill / A Nevill
1995 W Hughes K Isaac E Edwards G Jones / A Williams J Penfound / I Freestone
1996 B Bishop E Edwards J Sheard / D Sheard D Maughfling / J James
Open (Champ / Exp)
1997 S Evans T Smith J Sheard / D Sheard T Evans / W Hope
1998 E Jones A James G Jones / N Jones S Pryce / A Jones
1999 B Bishop B Morgan G Jones / P Manning S Pryce / A Jones
2000 W Hughes J Cadwallader S Barnett / I Barnett D Lewis / B Kynarton
2001 D Cadwallader J Cadwallader J Sheard / D Sheard C Smout / S Brown
2002 S Grosvenor T Davies S Barnett / I Barnett P Harris / M Pegler
2003 A Edwards I Smart G Jones / G McPhee C Smout / S Brown
2004 D Jones A McRae S Barnett / I Barnett M Chapman / C Elcock
2005 C Bird D Jones M Turner / H Yelland N Rowlands / M Rowlands
2006 T Sagar R Davies S Barnett / I Barnett D Williams / A Jones
2007 T Sagar M Kendall G Jones / S Brown N Smith / R Smith
2008 D Jones D Lloyd Jones G Andrews / G Edgvean S Pryce / A Jones
2009 Dylan Jones Rhys Davies G Andrews / G Edgvean R Chandler / J Millett
2010 Rheinallt Davies M Evans G Andrews / G Edgvean T Wilkinson / M Wilkinson
2011 Rheinallt Davies L Jones A Davies / J Ferguson
2012 Rheinallt Davies C Dicks D Williams / G McPhee
2013 Rheinallt Davies E Jones N Rowlands / M Rowlands S Price / A Mills