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I am grateful as always to our Euro reporter SB who has provided these amazing snaps for our 200th blog post taken at the ISDT 1964 including some of the British team machines. I do not know the origin of these images and as soon as I know I will arrange a full credit.

BSA350 222 Sandiford GB

Photo – GB Trophy Team #222 J Sandiford’s BSA 350cc ISDT 1964 (Speedtracktales Archive)

Check below for the rest of the images which are going to produce a bit of a bountiful harvest for the fans of Greeves bikes with plenty of action from this event possibly made most famous by the presence on the US Trophy Team of one Steve McQueen, whose team mate Dave Ekins can be found here.

Ariel500 263 Miller GB

Photo – GB Trophy Team rider #263 Sammy Miller Ariel 500 about to pass #261 US Trophy rider Dave Ekins on a Triumph ISDT 1964 (Speedtracktales Archive)

Reeves 250 137 T Sharp GB

Photo – #137 Triss Sharp Greeves 250 who sped to a Gold staying clean on time every day followed by #144 Joel Robert Jawa 300 the legendary Belgian MX Ace ISDT 1964 (Speedtracktales Archive)

Greeves 250 137 T Sharp GB

Photo – #137 Triss Sharp’s Greeves 250 ISDT 1964 (Speedtracktales Archive)

Reeves 250 121 B Sharp GB

Photo – #121 Bryan Sharp Greeves 250 – The other Sharp motors on his Greeves 250cc to another gold with no penalties and 4th place in class beating Triss by 1 place ISDT 1964 (Speedtracktales Archive)

Greeves 350 143 F R Selling Holland

Photo – #143F Selling of Holland on his Greeves 350 on his way to a Gold and 6th in class finish. This photo from the final speed test at Erfurt Airport ISDT 1964 (Speedtracktales Archive)

MZ 350 234 HJ Wilke DDR

Photo – #234 HJ Wilke MZ 350 of East Germany who finished clean with a Gold Medal 4th in class ISDT 1964 (Speedtracktales Archive)

Java 350 218 S Klimt CSSR

Photo – #218 S Klimt Jawa 350 on the Czech Trophy team who abandoned on the 6th day ISDT 1964 (Speedtracktales Archive)

CZ 175 109 W Stewart USA

Photo – #109 W Stewart CZ 175 of the USA loosing 21 points on the first day finished with a silver award ISDT 1964 (Speedtracktales Archive)

Bultaco 175 J Taylor USA

Photo – #88 J Taylor Bultaco 175 USA who struggled on a few days but finished for a Bronze award ISDT 1964 (Speedtracktales Archive)

WFM 175 86 M Piatkowski Poland

Photo -#86 M Piatkowski’s WFM 175 of Poland standing in the event Park Ferme who finished with a Gold award next to #85 Vos of Holland’s Hercules ISDT 1964 (Speedtracktales Archive)

DKW 75 52 C de Jong Holland

Photo – #52 C de Jong DKW 75 of Holland who took 6th in class with a gold award ISDT 1964 (Speedtracktales Archive)

DKW 75 51 H Zijdemans Holland

Photo – #51 H Zijdemans 75cc DKW of Holland’s Silver Vase B team finishing 7th in class with a Gold award ISDT 1964 (Speedtracktales Archive)

Simpson 75 47 L Schneidewinde DDR

Photo – #47 E Schneidewind 75cc Simpson riding for the DDR Silver Vase B team finished with a gold award 3rd in class #48 L Schunemann 75cc Simpson also on DDR Silver Vase team also earning a gold award and 2nd in class ISDT 1964 (Speedtracktales Archive)

DKW 50 11 R Boom Holland

Photo -#11 R Boom 50cc DKW of Holland who had a gold award and was second in class ISDT 1964 (Speedtracktales Archive)