Recently noticed in the last few months a new collection of very old Photos started coming up in Google Searches although they appear to have existed since at least 2012. A number of the photos I have seen before in the pages of British Motor Cycling Magazines and these look like scans off glass plates or negatives so I am going to presume the Mortons Archive are using this site as another agency to sell it’s images. No doubt those of you looking for publish quality images for your ISDT  / Vintage publications will find this a helpful resource for rights managed images as it appears a lot better than Morton’s own online gallery:

This blog was generated direct off the page but does not appear to share the image but just the key worlds which were for an interwar image taken on the Großglockner. The numbers of images available seem very impressive. The standard ISDT search found 519 images. I was able to create a URL to display the watermarked image here from the gallery page.

Image of the ISDT from the stilltime collection of 20th Century British Photographs

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